Ripping Mortal Kombat 4 Music?


New member
So this soundtrack is one of my favourites and I really want to get into the compositions and samples used by ripping the music directly from the games.

I want to extract the voices in the Character Select theme (Aaayasobaaa!!) and i've tried to use tools from Zophar's domain like VGMTrans and PSMplay for the PS1 version of the game, and N64 Tools for the N64 version of the game. However, there does not seem to be a way to get those vocals out. I would have thought PS1/N64 games used soundbank instruments for their music and so the composition notes and the instruments were extractable, but im struggling with doing it for this game. The best I could do is 3 separate parts of the theme using N64 Tools with the N64 version of the game (attached).

I know its possible as i've done it with games like Final Fantasy 9 and PSF files, but MK4 seems to have PXA format on its disk, and the XA files ive found on the internet dont play in any PSMPlay or PSCMC tool.

Can anyone help?