Revised Mortal Kombat Gold in Stores Now!

Patrick McCarron

TRMK Admin, Co-founder
Staff member
The <B>revised version</B> of <STRONG>Mortal Kombat Gold</STRONG> is now in stores. You can identify it by a <B>bright green sticker</B> in the upper left hand corner of the manual that says "<B>HOT! NEW!</B>" The CD is now also in a red tint and not a yellow tint so you can tell the difference from CD to CD. Bring your copy of the game <B>with receipt</B> to the store in which it was purchased and you should be able to exchange it for a revised copy.
Some things have been fixed and a few changes have been made, though it is unclear if every issue has been addressed. One of the most noticeable changes is the added <B>MK logo</B> on the <B>VMU screen</B> (the first version didn't have anything on this screen). In addition, VMU saving seems to be working completely now -- it <B>DOES</B> save the <B>Kombat Theater</B> settings. Also, no vertex problems have been experienced as of yet.
The <a href="">bug list</a> will be updated within the week with what has been fixed. If you notice any changes not mentioned yet, please e-mail them to <a href="">Patrick McCarron</a>.
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