Retro/Classic Consoles (Remakes)


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What classic consoles (remakes) are most recommended?

I'd prefer handheld games btw.

I'm playing my nephew's handheld Genesis and I'm actually enjoying Virtua Fighter 2 more than the MK games in that console mainly because of the confusion of buttons.



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I'm happy with the SNES Classic Edition. It has a pretty good selection of games, and it includes some 3rd-party titles. The addition to the never released Star Fox 2 is nice as well. I'm currently playing Super Mario RPG. It's more expensive than the NES Classic Edition and has fewer games, but comes with the two controllers instead one and the cords are a reasonable length.

I liked idea of the Playstation Classic, but the product itself turned out to be such a blunder.
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Anything made by AtGames is certified Snake Oil, and I know this from personal experience. The AtGames Genesis console I bought has an MK1 rom that not only doesn't give you the Flawless Victory/Fatality scores, but fighting Reptile doesn't work, and worst of all, the game crashes and resets once you reach Goro. And oh yeah, the wireless controllers they give you are absolute dog shit. They literally don't hold their signal unless you have them pointed directly at the console. If you move your controller even one degree off, you just lost your signal, something that does not happen on PS4 or Xbone wireless controllers.

And just when you think it can't get any worse than continuing to screw up their Genesis mini consoles, they go out and bait and switch their Namco Bandai the tune of putting Arcade roms in the review units sent to YouTubers, and NES roms in the retail version, while still having the arcade screenshots on the box art for both! This is literally false advertising! Do not support AtGames!

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