Results and Match Videos from UMK3 Tournament at NEC7


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NEC7's turnout was less than we had hoped but 10 is better than 6 from last year. Other players who were not a part of the tournament but in attendance over the weekend were DreemerNJ, Crazy Dominican, DJ Eric Darkside, and VDO.

1. Shock
2. Julian Robinson
3. RushedDown
4. Mike
5. Jeron
6. Kyle
7. Sean
8. Louis
9. BustaUppa
10. Amir

Thanks to all the players who came out, and special thanks to BustaUppa for helping out with the tournament, lugging heavy objects and keeping the gimmick going.

The George Foreman Grill burgers were delicious as usual this year! The entire tournament was video taped so footage will be posted soon.

Edit: Check out the Winners Finals, Finals, and Grand Finals between Shock and Julian now, the rest of the tournament will be up in a few days.

Match vids are starting to go up:

lol why am I not suprised that you won it.:-D Good job though I seen most of your matches and your amazing with reptile
Julian could have beaten me, it wasn't a "take it to the bank" situation. He beat me in the first set, meaning we had to play a second set to determine double elimination rules. I started to stand up and was like "Congrats" and he was like "You weren't eliminated twice were you?" and I was like "Oh duh, I'm retarded."