Resident Evil: The Last Sample by iVital

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Chapter 4: Separate ways

Jill cracks open her door prepping herself to jump out. Just before the mustang pile drived through the horde of zombies Ada jumps out the car, Jill did the same thing. The car pummeled through zombies, Limbs and body parts flew everywhere. Ada Pulls out her Black tail hand gun and shoots the gas tank of the car, the car busted into flames followed by a huge explosion opening the factory entrance and leaving them a clear path to run inside.

C'mon we don't have much time. Ada said to Jill

They sprinted to the entrance of the factory, once inside the Emergency Security System kicked in.

"E.S.S Initiated, Emergency lock down in progress" Said the computerized woman over the intercom.

The main exit and entrances of the building were closed.

"This place.... So familiar" Jill said to herself.

It was a exact replica of the Umbrella factory in Raccoon city, but she called it the "Dead factory".

Jill has a flash back..


"It was a cold summer night in Raccoon city, The smell...That horrible smell they emitted tainted the air. It came from the dead bodies in the Dead factory. After a while you got used to it. But the monster smelled the worst out of the all. " Jill began her story telling, while tears ran down her face.

"I remember being on a bridge.. The monster was infront of me, it was either push him off or jump off. I decided to push him off and run into the Dead factory, A place that I thought was safe. Once inside these bug creatures that I encountered downtown roamed inside, thank God there was only a few of them and I was stocked up on handgun ammo. Next I had to find a Umbrella key card to get on the roof for extraction. Then the monster found a way inside, I killed him.. well I thought I did, and headed to the elevator.

He transformed into this thing.. I can't explain it. I managed to used the proton cannon to destroy him.. Even through all the hell he put me through I felt sorry for him. So I didn't finish him off and ran to the Helicopter.

Carlos and I managed to escape, we're 2 out of the 4 who survived."

Ada wipes Jill's tears off her face.

"Hey, Don't worry nothing like that will happen again. It's probably best if we split up to cover more of the factory" Ada said to Jill.

Jill agrees and goes her Separate ways (Hehe), She ventures off into the same room were she fought Nemesis in his second form. Everything looked the same, except there were no dead bodies and a Tyrant chasing after her. Jill begins to search the room, in her searching she finds a small vault on the wall. It had the words labeled "Biohazard" and it emitted a dark purple glow. She begins to turn the vaults wheel, within 5 secs of turning it opens up.

"The last sample.." Jill said to herself in amazement, She takes it and places it in the back pouch on her belt.

Jill exits the room and heads back to the entrance of the factory.

"I suppose I should thank you for your assistance in recovering the sample for me Mrs.Valentine." A voice said from the second floor of the main entrance.

"Wesker!" Jill said aloud.

"Correct, but I'm not alone" He said, Ada emerges behind Wesker.

"Hi there" Ada said with a Sly grin on her face...
This takes place after RE4, but before RE5. It's one year after Degenerations.

Well then Wesker shouldn't be working with Ada D:

Ada had obtained the sample, the goal of her mission and one step of Wesker's plan to resurrect the Umbrella Corporation. However, under orders of the organization she was actually working for, Ada double-crossed Wesker and delivered a simple subordinate species Plaga to him. Ada knew, however, that Wesker isn't stupid and that tough times lay in wait. Though Wesker had obtained only a sample of a subordinate plaga, he still managed to obtain a dead dominant species Plaga from the corpse of Jack Krauser.
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Chapter 5: Unexpected Ally

"I'm sorry we couldn't stay long to catch up, but my ride is here and I don't want to be rude and have them waiting. In the mean time you could play with my friends outside the entrance. Ada, open the door" He commanded.

Ada did as she was told and opened the door from the control panel next to her, The door slowly opens and the infected pour in. Wesker leaves through the emergency exit that lead outside the building and his companion followed.

"Now where do you think you're going?" Wesker pick Ada up by the neck

"But.. Wesker" Ada said while gasping for air.

"Do you seriously think I can trust you? After you double crossed me.." Wesker laughs at Ada, "You mean nothing to me!"

Wesker threw her over the railing causing her to fall onto the second floor with Jill. Ada fell hard on her back causing her to blackout. Jill fought the wave of infected approaching Ada, Droping most of them. She was running out of Ammo so Jill decided to pick up Ada and make an escape through the Emegency exit Wesker left from. It lead into the front parking lot of the factory.

Wesker stood in the middle clapping his hands "Well done Mrs.Valentine, you've managed to safe that worthless peice of betraying trash, Now you shall die with her in this city!"

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[Super Small update, mainly because I can't think of anyway to continue this story :laugh:

So I'm ending it faster than I wanted to so I can focus on another Fan fic I had in mind]

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