Resident Evil: The Last Sample by iVital


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Chapter 1: Outbreak In Quantico

It has been a week since the Harvardsville Airport incident, and the war on Bioterrorism is at it's peak. The President of the United States has issued all American BSAA operatives to contain and quarantine any sign of infection in any of the states. Little that they know, another Bio-hazardous outbreak will up rise from the small town of Quantico infecting all of its inhabitants and destroy the place where people dwelled, but there's something significant about the town. Quantico has the last sample of the G-virus that was sold to their state Militia to overthrow the Quantico corrupted local government. With this intel on the city Quantico is a dangerous threat to America's survival if the sample gets in the wrong hands.

15 Minutes before the Quantico outbreak..​

Jill Valentine was in her bedroom, gussying up in the mirror. She possessed quite a body for someone who was so strictly involved in the BSAA. Jill had just gotten ready to proceed with her daily workout, wearing a blue sports bra and her blue, Lycra S.T.A.R.S gym pants that she savored from Raccoon City. Both items of clothing were tight, but not uncomfortable on her. Jill chose to buy them in a smaller size than she usually wears because she wanted to feel more loose when working out but the clothing always attracted attention at the local gym.

Resting inside the sports bra were a pair of C cup breasts that were quite perky for their size but Jill was formal enough to have a bra on at all times. If her larger chest wasn't enough, her rear caused about twenty heads to turn in awe a day. Jill's butt was humongous but the surprising thing was that she was able to achieve this feat and have as good body shape. The lycra pants she donned hugged her bottom sexily, allowing for her underwear line to be slightly revealed. Her butt shook slightly with every step she took, making both men and even a few women watch in desire. Sometimes Jill would even try to hide the girth of it but it was near impossible. Jill playfully gave one of her cheeks a cute smack, making her giggle slightly to herself as it shook in response. It was definitely nothing to be ashamed of. She grabbed the other cheek, squeezing it and feeling its soft juicyness in-between her fingertips.

30 mins after the Quantico outbreak, BSAA Gymnasium.​

After an hour of intense work outs to keep her in shape Jill receives a phone call from BSAA command America. They've assigned her to investigate the Quantico outbreak and recover the last G-virus sample in North America. Jill acknowledges her orders and immediately goes home to change into the appropriate attire to address the situation.

Once home she decides goes into her closet and chooses her old S.T.A.R.S uniform, but she can't find her beret and shoulder pads so she decides not to wear them. She has a little free time to kill before she has to report to the Helipad at the BSAA HQ so she sews the BSAA patch on the right shoulder of her old S.T.A.R.S uniform.

"Knife holster, Gun holster, Ammo carrier," Jill mumbles to herself to make sure she has everything she needs.

After gearing up and checking herself Jill pulls out a briefcase underneath her bed and uses her lock pick to open the locked briefcase just to practice her lock picking from time to time. Inside the briefcase was one of Jill's most prized possessions. It's been with her since the Raccoon City incident and during the infiltration of Umbrella HQ in Russia. It was none other than the trusty M9FS Barret Pistol, but she called it the "Samurai Edge". It was custom made and was a gift to her from Chris redfield one of her best friend and also a former S.T.A.R.S member. After gearing up Jill heads out her house and locks the door behind her.

"Will this ever end.." Jill thinks to herself as she walks to her car.

Quantico city, USA​

There are little to no survivors in the unfourtanate city that fell to the deadly Tyrant virus...

"The Quantico National Guard has quarantined all exits of the city. It's the Raccoon city conspiracy all over again, hopefully the military will sympathy and decide not to put inocent lives in danger with another nuclear bomb.. doubt it though, They don't give a shit about any of us.. they just want to keep this a secret like they tried to do with Raccoon city, but I can't give up Brianna and I must escape and reach safety, I would go insane if the virus manifests inside her." These are the words recorded by Brittany Burney, Twin sister of Brianna Burney.

That ends Chapter 1, Feedback would be nice =)

Another big shout out to Shirayuki again for the description of Jill and YungQ94 for introducing me to Fan fiction.. Can't forget my nikkus ByrdBrain and Flying Jinko, These two also motivated me to write from reading their godlike stories. Cya Next update 8)
Nice! I don't even know what this is about but it makes me want to read more. Loving these RE stories dude.

And I introduced you to fanfiction?
Oh stop it you :love:
Nice! I don't even know what this is about but it makes me want to read more. Loving these RE stories dude.

And I introduced you to fanfiction?
Oh stop it you :love:

Nothing about this story is related to the original timeline, but the HarvardsVille incident was a bioterror attack on a Airport and Leon and claire had to save Survivors. It's from RE:Degeneration a movie made by capcom. It's pretty sick you should watch it.
Good start! I was intrigued all the way through. Your description of Jill made me laugh though lol, but in a good way. Keep it up!
This was awesome! Keep it up!

I had to laugh at my description of Jill as well :laugh:

Don't judge me :secret:

And I know this is semi-irrelevant but a must-see. Probably one of the best Resident Evil cosplays I have come across

The description was god like 8)

I can Fap-- I mean read that all day..

Don't judge me :secret:

That Rebecca is hot :love:
You don't even realize how long it took me. I had to describe her and make it hot without making it seem like it was going to be an erotic fan-fic.

So much use of the backspace button :rofl:
You don't even realize how long it took me. I had to describe her and make it hot without making it seem like it was going to be an erotic fan-fic.

So much use of the backspace button :rofl:

It didn't seem that long to me, I stayed home today.. (You know why) so I just decided to write some fan fic.
could ya love jill even more than ya already have it felt like i got shot in the gut from so much laughing aaaahhhhh good start there buddy
Chapter 2: The Sit Rep

Jill finally arrives at the BSAA HQ North America. Once inside she was orderd to the strategy room for the Sit rep on her solo mission.

"Mrs.Valentine, there has been another bioterror attack in America. The small town of Quantico city fell to the T-Virus, The survivor to infected rate is slim. Around 1 to 100.. We're sending you in to investigate and find answers in a abandoned Umbrella Corp. lab in the center of Quantico. Rumor has it that the last Sample of the infamous G-virus is still inside that lab. If true you must obtain it
and bring it back to HQ. In the wrong hands the entire world could fall to Bioterror. Is that understood?"

"Acknowledged" Jill replies

Jill heads to the Amory and stocks up on ammo and any other vital equipment for her mission. Once done she exits the Armory and proceeds to the Heli pad to transfer her to the Quantico.

1 hour later..

Jill reaches her destination and is dropped off on Highway 21, It was guarded by QCNG(Qauntico National Guard) personnel. Their C.O told Jill how they plan to get her into the city.

"The plan is simple. We drive you in a HumV to the nearest exit that leads into the city from there you're on your own. Good luck on your mission"

They follow through with the plan putting Jill in a HumV with one QCNG soilder on the mounted machinegun and another driving her into the city. After 10 minutes of driving they drop Jill off in Down Town Quantico. Surprisingly, the city is very bright in the night sky, and the infected didn't horde like they did in Raccoon city.

Not trying to draw much attention to herself she walks slowly pistol in hand to neutralize any threat that attempts to cause any problems. Being in the city reminded her of Raccoon city.

Jill pulls out her PDA and pulls up a map of the city..

"The Umbrella lab is 3... Miles... east..." She sighs to find out that it's a long journey to the lab with no transportation.

She could hear the moaning and groaning of the infected through out the silent city and smell the burning flesh and gasoline from crashed cars and dead survivors. Nothing new to her so she adapted to her new environment a lot quicker than a first timer.

"HELP!! HELP!!" From a nearby cry in a local convenient store only a few steps ahead.

Jill springs into action and sprints to the store, inside she finds a group of four zombies creeping their way towards a wounded man.
With ease she takes them all down with a shot to the head without missing any shots.

She kneels down beside the wounded man.

"Are you Ok?" Questioned Jill

The man was holding him arm, and blood was leaking from it.
"No, I was shot in the arm by these Military guys. They left me for dead and those monsters started chasing me.. I guess the smell of blood attracts them" The man responded.

"Can you describe the people who attacked you?" Questioned Jill
"Well they had on Army cammies and had a insignia that resembled a W. One of them were talking about some Virus.. The G-virus or something of that nature. Why do you need this information?" He replied.

"I don't have time to go into full detail, but your city has fallen to the deadly Tyrant virus also known as the T-Virus. I'm one of the few who survived the Raccoon city incident and as of know I'm investigating the city for the cause of this outbreak. Enough talking I'm going to remove that bullet from your arm" Jill answered

Instead of using her first aid spray on the wounded man she searches the convient store for first aid items. Sh finds wrapping bandages, Hydrogen Peroxide and finally tweezers.

"This may hurt a little. Try your best to hold in the screams so we don't draw the infected attention."

Jill uses the tweezers to dig into the wound and remove the bullet in the man's arm. He takes the pain and holds in his scream, Next she administers the Hydrogen Peroxide to cleanse the wound and reduce the chances of the man becoming infected, finally she uses the wrapping bandage to stop the bleeding.

Jill smiles, "You're all fixed up now. Just be carefull now, are there anymore survivors nearby? " She questioned.

"Yea, the Burney twins are in a nearby safehouse. You can't miss it. It's barricaded with wooden boards and sandbags about 3 blocks from here" Said the man.

"Ok. I'm going to leabe you here alone. It's best to stay here than going out there wounded. You could attract hordes of zombies and the chances of you becoming infected is much higher. You have food and water here also. Keep the doors closed at all times and hide when someone comes in." Said Jill.

Jill exits the store to search for the Burney twins.......

Downtown Quantico, Burney's Safehouse.

"Brianna...Brianna, wake up. We can't stay here forever we're running out of food and we nothing here to defend ourselves.."

A loud noise is made from the kitchen area..
Maybe :secret:

Heard that Tera Save and the BSAA made a agreement to share information collected in Quantico :rolleyes:
Maybe :secret:

Dis guy lol

Well cameos that would make sense in case you need some ideas:

Ada w/Wesker as her guide via Pda [since there are G-virus samples in the town]

Leon [Since this is after Degeneration Leon is a special agent for the government sent to handle missions involving B.O.Ws so he could be sent to Quantico]

Chris [BSAA operative]

That's really all that would make sense lol. I would say HUNK but the fall of Umbrella already occurred.
So, I decided to drop the Burney twins story, It's kinda hard transitioning between Jill and the Burneys. So We will pick up from Jill's Point of view left off. Inside the safehouse ;)

Chapter 3: Jill's new partner.

Jill walks down t he basement staircase of the safehouse slowly and carefully trying her best to not fall or make any noise. The basement was dark and Jill pulled out her flashlight. From what she could see the basement was very small only enough room for small storage space. She scans the small basement and finds no sign of any survivors inside, but she does find a emergency exit door and it was open.

"They must have escaped before I got here" Jill thought to herself.

Jill receives 2 messages on her PDA, one from BSAA command North American branch, and another from her good friend Paul. She skips the message from HQ and reads the second message.

"Good luck out there, and come back in one piece. The diner has a table for us we you come back"

Jill smiles. This message was her motivation to make this mission quick and clean, She begins to read the message from Command.

"Our UAV has identified unknown personnel in your area. Proceed with caution. Another quick update... Tera Save will be sending in a special operative to assist you on your mission. You two will meet up at a local convenient store a few blocks back from the entrance of Downtown Quantico. Good luck." -BSAA Command North America

Jill proceeds out the basement door and travels back to the place where she once helped the wounded man from a group of zombies. When she gets there the place looks the same nothing broken and the door remained closed.

Jill enters the store, and notices the man is still there sitting in the same position she left him. She kneels besides him, he was pale and didn't move at all. She puts her pistol back in its holster and checks for a pulse.. Seconds later she finds nothing.

The man she thought was dead sprung up in a attempt to grab her, Jill catches both of his hands trying her best to push him to the ground.

The man is shot in the head and falls down to the ground, but this time he's dead. Jill falls to the ground breathing heavily.

"You have to be more careful" From a unknown voice.

Jill Valentine held her chest, looking up to see someone in a long red dress standing before her. It was a woman, clearly of Asian decent but she had a deadly vibe to her. Unlike most women, this one had short, black hair that didn't even reach her shoulders. The woman's red dress covered her entire body except for her back and arms and it displayed a beautiful butterfly pattern on it, contrasting Jill's feelings of her possibly being quite a threat. Jill looked up higher and saw that she was also wearing a black choker that had two, ribbon-like back pieces of cloth that jointed onto the choker via a gold-ring. After examining the choker, Jill met with the woman's eyes. Jill had never witnessed such an elegant woman. She had a beautiful face and well-balanced make-up so Jill could tell she was a natural beauty.

As for the woman's figure it was also way more than enough to write home about. Jill noticed a knife-holster strapped to the woman's smooth right thigh that glistened in the light. It seemed that she must work more covertly since there was a huge lack of space for weapons, allowing her to be more nimble and quiet. Brushing herself off on the floor, Jill looked up one final time to notice there was something that must make movement interesting for the woman: her chest. The woman was easily D cup, letting them rest inside a tight black bra under her dress. The woman knew how to show herself off but in a well-mannered way.

"The name is Ada. Ada Wong" As she reached her hands out to help Jill up from the ground.

"Jill. Jill Valentine" She takes Ada's hands a lifts herself off the ground.

"You must be the Tera Save operative?" Jill questioned. Judging from her gear she looked prepared for a outbreak.

Ada noticed that Jill was part of the BSAA from the patch on her shirt. Ada had a job to fulfill also, she had to obtain the G-Virus for Albert Wesker. Former S.T.A.R.S captain who went rouge turning out to work for Umbrella. He plans to use the G-Virus to speed up the Uroborus project.

Thinking to herself Ada has to make a decision and quick, Either to kill Jill on sight or to take the identity of the Tera Save operative to deceive Jill and steal the sample from the BSAA agent. She decides to tag along and "Help" Jill recover to sample.

"Uh, Yea. Command gave me a short sit rep of the mission. You wouldn't mind giving me anymore information" She said while smiling

"No problem" Jill said while smiling back.

Jill pulls out her PDA to give Ada a short analysis of the mission.

"The FBC has been monitoring Quantico for a while now, but they got lazy and this city fell to the T-virus. Wil-Pharma developed a vaccine for the virus to cover up their intention to continue what Umbrella started, but Wil-Pharma stashed the last G-Virus Sample in a "inactive" Umbrella lab that conducted secret experiments in the factory. It's our job to get into that factory and retrieve the sample. Command said the priority is the mission and Survivors are at the last of the list, but I know what it's like trying to survive a living hell and I don't want people to experience that. This is Raccoon city all over again.."

"We should be leaving now, his corpse will attracted unwanted attention, and it's a long walk so It's best if we start walking" Said Jill

"Walk?" Ada said while laughing. "There's a car just outside the store in the parking lot, we can hotwire it and get there much faster"

They exit the store and walk to the parking lot. There was a Mustang GT waiting for them, Jill approaches the driver seat and the door is locked. She pulls out her lock pick and begins work the lock.

"Wouldn't it be easier to just break the windows to get inside?" Questioned Ada.

"Yea, if you want to set off the Alarm and fight off a horde of zombies.." Jill replied.

"Smart girl." Ada said to herself.

It took Jill less than 2 minutes to pick the drivers seat lock, Ada hops inside the car and begins to hot wire it. Once the car is good and running she opens the passenger side door and Jill hops in. They drive off into the dark city of Quantico.

Thirty minutes of driving, and they finally reach the factory. Zombies horded around the factory.

"That explains why there was hardly any Downtown" Jill said to herself...

"There's no way we're getting past them without being seen" Jill said.

"Don't worry I have a plan, I suggest you open your car door" Ada said with a Sly grin.

Ada puts smashes her foot on the Pedal pushing to car to it's maximum speed riding towards the Zombies that blocked the entrance....