Resident Evil: A Side Story


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Another old story I did on my RE forum from yesteryear =)

This one was started in March of 2004. Of course, it isn't finished, lol, but, besides Chris, Forest is my fav RE character and I wish they would have made him a main character :/ so I had this random vision of him having a girlfriend, lol. I don't know why, I just needed something to have a connection to his character so I could make a story that had some feeling in it that had something to do with him because I thought he was such a cool character and he needed some kind of background life to him.

I have no idea where I stole these weak ass character names from, though, lol. I think it was from people I knew at the time, I just combined names, and Isabelle was my cat's name =) The hospital I was born in is near Elm Street in Buffalo so I used Elm Ave (just so people don't think OMG FREDDY). I made a few slight changes as I read through it, though, just whatever I came across, so ignore any mistakes, I didn't go through the entire story.

The story takes place right after the Mansion incident.

Resident Evil: A Side Story

Isabelle picked up the photos of the Spencer Estate disaster. Included were pictures of the deceased. Her blood began to boil and she tried to hold back her tears as she once again stared at the picture of her boyfriend, Forest Speyer, who was killed in the incident. The thought of revenge was so sweet. She put the picture back in the folder, loaded her 9mm Beretta and packed her gear as she headed out to destroy Umbrella for what they had done...

The sky was a darkening grey. It set the mood perfectly. With members of STARS dead, it just didn't seem like a time for the sun to shine and the birds to sing. Isabelle strapped on her sidepack and made sure she had her picture of Forest. It was going to be her good luck charm. All of this was for him. Umbrella was going down and it wasn't going to be pretty. She deperately wanted to contact the surviving members of STARS but Cheif Irons ordered her not to. He said they didn't want to discuss the incident but it seemed more like he was hiding something. Maybe he was part of Umbrella's little corporation....She couldn't think about that now. Time was ticking away and Umbrella was sure to make it's next move very soon. Hell, with most of STARS out of the way it was much easier to plan a hideous attack on Raccoon. She preferred to work alone but was willing to recruit anyone who wanted to aid in the fight....though this was her fight. Umbrella is done for...

The search for answers was going to have to start back at the mansion's location. It was blown to pieces but there may have been something left behind. They had to have missed something, Isabelle thought. There had to be a clue as to where Umbrella was headed. Before she left the station, she had grabbed a map of the area and was looking over it. The only way there was by helicopter. Great. Irons forbid her to go there and demanded that she drop everything that had to do with the case and she went through shit to get that goddamn map when Irons wasn't looking and now she had to sneak out a helicopter, let alone get a pilot. Things were starting to look bad. Now, she had to rethink her plan. 'Who can pilot a helicopter and how can I sneak it out without Irons knowing?' She had to somehow get Irons away from the station long enough so she could make her escape. She sat back in her leather chair and stared at her blank computer screen waiting for a plan to form.

Jason Donovan flipped his RPD badge open and closed as he waited for Irons to give him the word on an investigation on Dr. William Birkin. There were some rumours that the good doctor had some kind of link to Umbrella but nothing was for certain. The RPD had only begun to look into Mr. Birkin and had so far gotten nothing. Irons returned with the same "we got nothing new" face. Jason stood up and sighed, hoping Irons would get it through his thick skull that he was tired of sitting around. It was his third year as an RPD cop and Irons still treated him like a rookie. Screw Irons, he thought, I'm not waiting the rest of my life for him. I can handle this job myself. Jason headed over to the STARS office where Isabelle had been looking over files on the Spencer Estate. She hated that folder but to get Umbrella she had to make sure she knew what she was getting into. She wanted to know all the history behind the mansion and every detail of what happened. Jason knocked on the opened door before entering. "Hey. Can I bug you?" Isabelle looked up at the young man at the door. "Sure. Come on in." Jason walked in and took a seat at Barry's desk. "Still looking through that folder,huh." "I need some answers and this is how I can at least begin to get them."

"All this mansion shit must have really ****ed you up." "Somone I cared a lot about was killed. I can't just let this case go. I need to find out who or what Umbrella is." The slight edge in Isabelle's voice was a good enough sign that she wanted to be alone. Jason got up and left without saying another word. He worried more about the rookie getting herself hurt more than becoming friends with her anyway. Even so, he feared that if Irons found out about what she wanted to do he would fire her ass on the spot without question. Jason decided to hold back his thoughts and let the rookie go. He was a bit curious to see what she could do and he was willing to help if necessary....It was starting to get late and Isabelle thought it was time to head out of the station and get home. She didn't want to sleep at all but her eyes were begging to close and her brain needed to shut down for the day. The folder was definately coming with her and she would continue her research in the morning. She grabbed her stuff and left the STARS office,closing the door behind her. She wasn't even home for five minutes when the phone rang. "Hello?" she said as she took another sip of tea. A woman's voice began to speak."I've got a pilot for you. Meet him at the station tomorrow at noon in the cafeteria. You wont see him but he'll see you." The strange woman hung up. "Hello? hello!!" Isabelle hung the phone up. Someone knew what Isabelle wanted but who..the voice didn't sound familiar at all. Whoever it was, Isabelle had no choice but to trust her. "Noon in the cafeteria. I'll be there...."

Isabelle woke up a bit early that morning. She was ready to meet this pilot, assuming he existed. That strange woman...I wonder why she is helping me, Isabelle wondered. It only takes ten minutes to get to the RPD from where Isabelle lived. She got out, rushed into the station and headed for the cafeteria. There were two minutes to spare but the excitment and curiosity were taking over. The cafeteria was busy as hell. Isabelle searched frantically for an unrecognizable face knowing it would be the pilot. "Isabelle, I presume." A medium built man with short brown hair and earrings stood behind her. He had an english accent and a cigarette behind one ear. "Are you the pilot?" Isabelle asked. "Yes. I was sent here by someone I can't tell you about. All I can say is that I'm here to help. I have a chopper set for midnight." "What about Irons?" "Don't worry about the chief. He'll be running some errands...." He cracked a half smile and walked off. Midnight. Twelve hours from now. Dammit that's a long time but she was a step closer to leaving for the mansion and the end of the Umbrella Corporation....

The clock seemd to stop moving all evening. Isabelle arrived at the station and ran up to the helipad. Just like the pilot had said, he was there waiting with a chopper. "Glad you could make it. Hop in." She gave him a short stare, wondering if he could really be trusted, but decided against running away and forgetting all about everything. She took her chances and trusted him, for now. Isabelle jumped into the chopper as the pilot closed the door behind her and ran to his seat. It was going to be a long ride. "So, what is your name, or is that a secret too?" The pilot gave a slight chuckle. "Darren Gregory." He put his focus back on the skies. "Why are you helping me?" "It's my orders. I do what I am told and I ask questions later." Silence fell over them. Soon they would be at the mansion location....

Jason sped up as he turned down Elm Ave, a block away from the station. His suspicians were growing strong about there being something more going on than Irons or anyone else were willing to say. Jason pulled into the underground and noticed Isabelle's car parked in the third spot. "What's she doing here?" Jason wondered. He pulled into the spot right next to hers and got out. Jason ran up to the STARS office expecting to see Isabelle there but it was empty. The whole station was oddly empty. Jason took Chris' seat and looked over some paperwork. There was a sudden noise coming from somewhere on the other side of the station. He slowly got up and grabbed his gun. The noise got louder as he entered the second floor balcony of the main hall. He ran to the other side of the main hall and entered the door. He was closer to the noise. The next hall, where Irons office and the art room were located, was empty. He continued on. The next hall was dark. Whatever was making that noise was in this hall. Jason lifted his gun. He turned the corner but found nothing. He inched towards the next corner. A cool rush of air swarmed over him. He stood against the wall and flew around the corner pointing his gun. The noise was the door to the helipad moving with the breeze. Someone went out there and didn't close the door all the way. "Isabelle..." Jason was sure of it.... be continued (at some point in my lifetime, lol)
Amazing start! Though Im alien to the Resident Evil world, I could feel its environment and tension through the character's demeanor as I read through the story. Great Job! You captured the feel really well in your writing. :)
You still hiding boss ass stories Jade!? EMPTY OUT ALL OF YOUR FANFICS, I WANNA READ NOW DAMNIT! :soapbox:

Lol, it got straight to the point which is pretty damn nice :). If you ever continue it I'm sure the action/thrills would pick up in a heartbeat :)