Reptile revealed!


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The mask is cool... the rest looks... meh.
Was hoping for something a bit more original than the palette swap look. The V-vest and loincloth made of bones/fangs is a nice touch, but it is still the palette swap look. Disappointing.

His gameplay looks fun, but nothing unusual. Very MK9'ish. Both his X-Ray and his Fatality looks very dull as well.

I hope Reptile fans are happy though. Personally, I think they could have done so much more, so much better with his design, but NRS chose to play it safe. I do like the mask though.


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Not bad. He looks better than he did in MK9 at least. Once again not a huge fan of the design. The mask was a nice touch, though.


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I knew he would be in the game already. Sadly that also brings my non-mk9 return list down to 4.

Not to sound negative or anything like that, but I think they should've done something a bit less...generic with his trailer. At the moment he looks/plays like an MK9 Reptile reskin with a tongue. Hopefully, that will be cleared up during the livestream.

Also, I know that the dead characters are alive, but I'm now a bit convinced that this Kung Lao is not the same Kung Lao. He sounds and looks like Green Arrow in a Kung Lao cosplay. It starts to make me wonder...


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His design is bad and uninspiring imo, his moves are almost all the same, fatality looks meh...

All in all meh.

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If Saurian are related to dinosaurs then it could explain the bird look to him. I never had any issue with his MK9 design. At least the horrible cartoony design from MKDA will never come back.
That's a first for me because every kharacter trailer so far has made me want to try the revealed kombatant - except this one. I never was a fan of Reptile and I could have lived with him being left out. I guess it's not for me then. But it was uninspiring.


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New characters maybe? Anyone else wondering if the 4 we have are the only ones we're getting? The hype for this game could be a thousand times better if at least 1 more new character was revealed soon.


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Starting to wonder if there was anything to that "leak" from a few months back with the picture of him spotlighting the supposed variation "Iron Skin." Anyone remember that? The picture looks similar, like possible early concept art.


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