Reptile has bad tastes...


Decided to make this for fun. I haven't made one in years, but I'm starting to get the itch to make more.

Should have switched it up man. Made it Don instead of Leo.

Reptile: Holy shit it's Michelangelo!
Don: What? No man, I'm-
Reptile: Raphael! I know who you are bro! You're such a badass!
Don: No dude, Raph is back at the crib.
Reptile: . . . . . . . Leonardo? Leo man, why'd you trade your sick ass swords for that phaggy stick?

Then the final scene happens. Just with a big ol' stick.

But I still enjoy yours.
That's a pretty good idea actually. I'll probably make more TMNT x MK comics, but I'm trying to think of a different video game to cross over with MK now. Probably gonna pop one out tonight.
Why not street fighter?

The kast makes a mistake that ibuki is one of the new ninjas or something?
Here is why I am confused.

"That's how we do it in SF boi!" Would resemble Bison f!cking up Shao Khan, but Shao Khan f!cked up Bison instead. Really the statement should have been, "That's how we do it in MK boi!!"

If your speaking on Bison's part then I guess your talking with a hammer in your mouth