Reptile Full Fatality


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I didn't like how the split was clean cut, as if sliced with a very sharp weapon. Reptile tears the head apart with his claws! It should look like it was torn. In general, it is pretty boring, imo.

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This is what I feared most... All those cut-in-half fatalities taking over again...

Still wanna see more elemental, magical, shamanic, necromantic, summon creatures and demons, shapeshifting, special power, kiss of deaths, non-bloody-but-very-stomach-turning, cruel and disease/poisonous fatalities... Too bad they probably all involve cutting in half again...

Reptile's fatality is the worst by far for me personally, didn't like anything about it. I've seen Happy Tree Friends doing more horrid fatalities...
Reptile eating the brain would have put it at #1 as my fav fatality but it is just like Kung Laos fatality. Its dumb how its also a perfect vertical slice. Wasnt a fan of Kitanas x ray either. Its just another x ray focused on the head.

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I would have taken anything happening over a lame and overdone perfect slice down the middle.

Im going to melt your face off so that I can......tear your head in half in a straight line down the middle......

How about softening the head and having it mash between his fingers?
How about peeling it open like a walnut and eating the center.

Nope.....just right down the middle.



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agreed on meh, not too impressed by it. I did love the Mountain vs Red Viper part in his xray though


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I am sure they could come up with something better on their so called "Fatality meetings"
For me it's second most boring finisher in MKX so far...


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Man, it would have been 1000 times better if he grabbed one of the halves of the brain and started eating it like a damn watermelon.


i agree with incubus lord. the slice dont look right and makes no sense

looks like an MK9 fatality a bit silly looking. reminds me of cages mk9 fatality where he karate chops a head in half. :/


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I would rather he crushed the head. Reminds me of the feeling I got when I saw Liu Kang's flaming death punch. Simply 'eh its ok'. Hoping his other fatalities to be better.


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That fatality sucked! I would have loved it if the head didn't split in half like it was sliced in half. A perfect straight cut by pulling it apart? Weak

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That fatality could have been done easily on "last gen".

Or what? Slicing exactly half a head is only possible on next gen?

Worst fatality, I expected more, the ending was too silly.


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I think this might be one of the first unanimous opinions I have seen on here!

Reptile's fatlity has officially been deemed terrible by trmk.


I am sure they could come up with something better on their so called "Fatality meetings"
For me it's second most boring finisher in MKX so far...

they need me at these "Fatality Meetings"

heres a fatality idea i sketched out years ago for classic reptile, the endings a bit on the goofy cartoony side but this was done back when MK9 was coming out but i think the initial idea is still good minus throwing the brain in the air and swallowing it in one gulp lol

1. Reptile reaches under his mask and flips his hood back revealing his true form

2. He turns round and spews toxic acid on the ground behind himself
3. He turns back to the opponent and grabs them

4. he swings the opponent out over the pool of acid kicking and screaming

5. he slowly begins to dip them feet first in the acid as they scream

6. He keeps dipping them until just the head is left, then turns the head over

7.Reptile then whips out his lizard tongue stabbing it through the neck of the head
8.He pulls the brain out and tosses it into the air

9. he opens his mouth wide as the brain falls back down, and swallows it in one
10. he raises the brainless head for a victory pose
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Apart from the clean slice not making sense, what the hell is the point of spitting acid on the guy's face if you're just going to cut his head open right after? The two halves of the fatality have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

I would have much, much preferred it if Reptile just waited for the acid to chew through their entire head, and then spit more acid down the guy's throat to devour them from the inside.


Reptiles fatality has lazy written all over it. All the cool over the top fatalities with extra little details like scorpions where it shows the heart dangling are for the "important" characters like Scorpion, subzero, etc. Everyone else gets generic "slice point" fatalities.