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i still don't know to this day what his clocking on MK4 is all about .... what is that portal all about? where does he end up? Is he and Noob one in the same, if so, he would be sub-zero's brother, right? I've forgotten Reiko's story too :?
im with you on that one. reiko's ending was so anticlimactic and confusing that i almost wish i hadn't wasted my time beating the game with him. wow a portal.... ok so wtf happens after that?!! lol
Yeah, it helped, but still unsure what the hell is going on with the Reiko issue....... :oops:
i dunno. on kahn's bio it said he replaced himself with a clone so kitana wouldnt find him. it also said reiko was thought dead until mk4. maybe reiko is the clone? so shang tsung and quan chi both killed him? i dunno, just a theory
Goraka's idea would serve a better answer. But they didn't mention it if he was him. Reiko is to me just another plot hole in the MK universe... One I WISH WOULD DIE IN THE MK4 GAME WHEN I WANT HIM TO INSTEAD OF ALWAYS THROWING IN THAT STUPID FINAL BLOW THAT FINSIHES ME!!!!! :evil:

But anyway. :oops:

Yeah he isn't really much of a character, so why bother with him?
I say...HE RULED MAN! he was the best charcter on that game!

His fatalitys are probably the best ones there (His torso kick was awesome!)
yeah but his torso kick was just a copy of mammoth's fatality in thrill kill. did anyone else ever get to play the beta for that before it was banned?
No i was never planned for a UK release anyway :cry:

Thrill Kill is the game from the Wu-tang clan gamemakers was'nt it? (who are also doing Shaolin monks)
yeah the wu tang game used the same engine n stuff. it pretty much was the same game, just without the french maid who orgasms after tearing peoples limbs off n stuff like that. it was planned for a UK release, i got the beta cos my uncle writes for a game magazine. thats how i got my beta of MK tournament edition too, although the bastard doesnt save. luckily though, our saviours the media stepped in with an army of worried parents and rescued us all from having fun once again
I saw that french maid on a show called "Thumb-bandits" (since your from the UK you will know it was an old gamingshow)

Looked an alright game tbh
reikos costume was great, and the moves and the eye makeup and fatalities were all cool. but i didnt like his ending... or his hair
i thought he was, and i actually thiknk he still is a badass character. i never thought about Gorakas concept of his story line either. it makes a hella lot more sense than mine. :lol:
BlackWarrior said:
i thought he was, and i actually thiknk he still is a badass character. i never thought about Gorakas concept of his story line either. it makes a hella lot more sense than mine. :lol:

like i say its just a theory tho, just somethin i thought of while i was sat watchin tv one night
If I remember correctly, Reiko replaced Noob Saibot in MK4 (Noob was in the original lineup in very early releases of the game), which explains the similarity in their moves. The Shao Kahn connection was just something placed to screw with us (any MK fan knows that's nothing new) and should be disregarded completely.

So basically, Reiko was just a last-minute addition to a game in an attempt to have a slightly more original character take the place of a palette-swap ninja.
Nightwolf said:
damn ok ... that sounds logical ... but i still think that he is shao kahn :S

I can't tell if you're joking or not, but assuredly he is not Kahn. There was even a "joke" (though not a funny one) in Konquest mode about this.
o ok then, i thought he was after i saw that gameboy screenshot i was convinced pretty much .. then i read ure post and was beginning to see something unfold
I remeber somewhere in Konquest mode some guy said "Rekio is not shao Kahn although he likes to hear his helmet......he is not Shao Kahn"