redditor on gamestop;they're saying a new character will be announced on 4/14

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the secret character is most likely to be Baraka since thats the one everyone is speculating the most.
and some guy made a youtube video showing the ign MKX web page had changed baraka to playable. but now its been changed back and the youtube video was deleted

What if you are wrong. what would you do then? Cry? Insult? Commit a suicide? :)


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Hey, i'm a Sheeva fan too. I mained her before all-a-ya'll!

But it's time to say goodbye to Sheeva. NRS puts her on the same level as Hsu Hao and such.

Hopefully she goes out with a bang in the comics. :)

I mained her since her debut way before MK9. So before all of us is sorta silly to say.


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Guys the new character is obviusly Kidd Thunder

This yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X1,000,000, plz be Kid Thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT MOKAP but jade :):hail:

YES!!!! plz let it also be the gorgeous JADE!!!!!!

Hopefully it’s Mokap. It’s about time for a comeback.

But it’s probably going to be a character from story mode like Fujin or Rain or someone who was featured very prominently in the comic like Reiko. If it’s a new character and not just the “reveal” ofTanya, Tremor or the Predator.

this X 1000 let it be both MOKAP and REIKO!!!!!!!!

If it's not Chameleon, I am going to return my game and never touch another mk game fo r as long as I live. Deadass.

this x100 it just has to be Chameleon!!!!!! Please let it be sooooooo.


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on reddit, in the MKX sub, a redditor has apparently been told by gamestop, that NRS will be announcing a 'surprise hidden fighter' on 4/14, at midnight when the game launches.

zero news today, so must be no surprise hidden fighter, although i would be happy to be wrong!


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Why on Earth would anyone feed into something a person on Reddit said? That place has more trolls than anywhere else on the web.
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