Red Xenomorph

The new MK video-games offer awesome and offbeat fighting characters or avatars including Jason Voorhees and the Xenomorph (from the Alien sci-fi horror films), so I thought I'd offer up a special MK-fanfiction about the nonstandard Red Xenomorph making its way onto a new human gaming platform! Enjoy,


Alas walked through the narrow tunnel in one of the dark caverns on the unexplored planet LG-426. He'd been sent there on the Weyland Company spaceship the Covenant by the CEO Peter Weyland himself. The company'd received strange reports about intelligent signals emanating from the planet and collected by the company's radars and satellites, signals indicating the presence of a nonstandard Xenomorph alien species inhabiting the planet. Alas had been trained to become a hardened space-traveler and planetary explorer for the Weyland group. He'd heard of the legends of great explorers in the past whose adventures regarding engagements with terrifying predatory intelligent Xenomorphs, aliens who resembled large insectisoid-dragons, created timeless stories about humanity's new timeless experience with these nonhuman rovers flying around the universe. Alas was particularly fond of the adventures of Weyland space-explorers/warriors such as Ripley and Orem. Well, now it was Alas' chance to prove himself!

ALAS: I doubt these nonstandard Xenomorphs communicate in ways different from the ones we've studied!

Alas and his crew of the Covenant deboarded their spaceship and began trekking around the unexplored planet LG-426 looking for signs of the presence of these unidentified nonstandard Xenomorphs. He'd been told by the Weyland Company that the explorers should keep in mind the possibility that they'd encounter forms of strange motility and intelligence among these nonstandard Xenomorphs. About two hours into the exploration into one of these dark tunnels in these dark underground caverns on LG-426, Alas and his exploratory crew finally stumbled upon a field of Xenomorph eggs, ready to give birth to a new generation of these terrifying intelligent alien creatures. However, as somewhat expected, these Xeno-eggs were different. First of all, they were red in color. Secondly, they were somewhat larger. Alas decided to start taking laser-photos of these red Xeno-eggs. That's when some of them began to hatch. Two hatched and released egg-planting face-hugger symbiotes that clung to the heads of two of the shocked human space explorers in Alas' bewildered crew.

After the two face-hugger victims were carried quickly back to their landed spaceship the Covenant, they're sealed in a private medical lab. Two days later, these two human victims as somewhat expected give birth to the 'Red Xenomorphs' that burst out of their chests from the unstoppable fertilization process initiated by the face-hugger symbiotes that popped out of the red Xeno-eggs on LG-426 and clamped onto the heads of the humans. Alas and his crew chased around these toddler-sized Red Xenomorphs for about 30 minutes on the spaceship before they disappeared into the ventilation ducts. Alas calls Peter Weyland to inform him that they've two Red Xenomorphs growing in size and roaming around somewhere in the ventilation ducts. Weyland shocks Alas by telling him to return home with the spaceship Covenant as a simple carrying vessel for these aliens for the company to study, implying that the human crew as expendable and the spaceship should be put on autopilot mode. Alas tells Weyland he'll comply out of necessity and helplessness, but he intends to try to be some kind of superhero.

The Red Xenomorphs are now grown into adult size. They've efficiently and horrifically killed two more of the human space explorers on Alas' crew on the Covenant. Their methods of killing include spraying a juice from their mouths that create instant spontaneously generating explosive spores that cause the heads of their victims to simply detonate within 5 short and unforgettable minutes. Unlike the standard Xenomorphs who prey on adversaries and victims and prey with acidic saliva and blood and raven's claws and incredible speed and stalking skills, these nonstandard 'Red Xenomorphs' are incredible wall-crawlers whose main tactic for darkness and predatory behavior is to simply cause these head detonations with their saliva-spore product. Alas records all this in the company journal aboard the Covenant. He states into the recorder, "The Red Xenomorphs are not pyros or carnivores like their standard 'black' cousins; rather, they're demolitions demons." When Alas manages to return to Earth with just 5 crew members still alive, with 10 members completely killed by the Red Xenomorph engagement, Peter Weyland congratulates him for gifting the 'specimen spaceship' the Covenant to the company, with the Red Xenomorphs still on-board, somehwere in the ventilation ducts.

Two years later, Alas is oddly delighted to discover that the Red Xenomorph has been well documented and studied by the Weyland scientists who fully elaborate on these nonstandard Xenomorphs' destructive ability and skill to move around as demolitions creatures. Weyland releases a new Mortal Kombat video-game to the public, with a new warrior-avatar available for play --- the uncanny Red Xenomorph (RX)! In this new Mortal Kombat video-game, titled Mortal Kombat: Demolitions, the players can use the RX avatars to attack other contenders with their explosive saliva-spurting spores which cause quick head and body blood-loss and substantial energy degradation. The video-game receives a special public review award in Europe, and Alas has to record in his private journal, "I'm eerily worried that these RX video-games will promote forms of nonstandard demolitions glorification among youngsters, and Weyland's uninterested in exploring why such a social trend might create undesirable modernism diaries."


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