recommend me a dark souls game


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I've never played any of the dark souls games so I have no idea where a good starting point would be. My nephew tells me to avoid Bloodborne since he says its harder to get into. I still have my old ps3 and 360 so I'm thinking of starting with dark souls 1 but any suggestion is welcome as I'm sure there is a few dark souls fans here. Thoughts?
Demon's Souls is aesthetically the best
Dark 1 is the best gameplay wise
Dark 2 is complete trash
Bloodborne is on a whole 'nother level aesthetically, but the gameplay mechanics make it pretty easy compared to the first two. Unless you use magic, but only whack ass fuccbois use magic
He's right about all that, just demons souls you have to play offline now.
[MENTION=4889]BBBLP[/MENTION], do you know when the prestige edition will be available online? I havent seen anything about it and i would imagine people would be scalping on ebay if it already released for pre order