Rebuilding Tremor


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I haven't done this in a while. Here is some music that makes this story bearable. I hope you enjoy it.

Buyuk Toprak, a wandering god as the legends told. In the arid lands of what is now known as Turkey, it is said that this majestic being would manipulate the earth and sands to allow nomads safe passage through the harsh wastes. Move mountains and split dunes to ensure good souls did not perish under the offensive glare of the sun. A large figured man, wrapped in fine yet torn cloth would appear far in the distance, judging those who passed through his home. There is a small shrine dedicated to him in the present. Stories that tell of him using a sandstorm to swallow an entire fleet of bandit pillagers.

376 years ago Buyuk came across a lone man traveling through his sands. This man, cloaked in dark robes seemed to move with purpose in mind. Buyuk could feel the putrid evil pulsating from the malicious figure. Buyuk raised his mighty hand and shifted the sands into a massive wave. Made to wipe this evil from existence. The wave crashes down upon the man. The amount so great that the sound of the grains rustling could be heard from miles away. Dust flies up from the commotion. Buyuk lowers his hand in triumph, yet he still feels the presence of darkness, now stronger than ever. He waits. Watches for when the dust settles to see what creature could possibly survive such an onslaught. The dust clears, the figure is still alive. But now his direction of interest has changed towards Buyuk.

Startled by this turn of events, Buyuk slams one more, larger wave onto the vile creature. Dust settles once more, this time there is no sign of life. Buyuk stays though, he still feels it. He watches, patience rivaling that of a vulture. Suddenly he sees movement. Beneath the sands, slithering towards him with speed greater than that of any mortal man. Before he knows it the snake-like movement has covered a mile in less than 10 seconds. It stops at the stunned god's feet. Nothing at all for what seemed like hours. Then all of a sudden the sands erupt, blasting sky high and knocking Buyuk several feet away on his back. He quickly stand up and stares into cold white eyes. The man removes his cloak to reveal long black hair and cobalt tattoos. Buyuk looks at this new enemy and says with disgust, "A sorcerer". The man smiles and replies "A god".

A stand off takes place as the two prepare for Mortal Kombat. The sorcerer moves his hands as if they are snakes. Buyuk stands firmly, unaware of the man's true power. The sorcerer suddenly emits a bright flash of fire from his hands. A dirty trick to blind the noble god. Buyuk then feels stinging pain being applied all over his body. The sorcerer's strikes are coated with dark magic. Buyuk powerfully stomps the ground sending a shockwave to knock the assailant away and stop his barrage of strikes. Buyuk regains his vision and sees the man rushing towards him once again. Buyuk disappears as a cloud of sand, confusing his attacker. He silently reappears behind him and delivers a stark blow to his spine with his elbow. The sorcerer stumbles forward in agony, dropping to his knees. Buyuk follows up with an earth shaking stomp to his back. Slamming the man to the ground.

Buyuk grabs the man and lifts him. Raises his arm for the grand finisher. The sorcerer's hands glow once more, this time a bright green. He wraps his hands around Buyuk's neck who begins to feel fatigued. Buyuk's grip loosens and the sorcerer delivers a jaw shattering uppercut to the mighty god. The wicked man laughs maniacally and raises his now flame enveloped hands. Serpents of pure hellfire pierce Buyuk's flesh and raise him into the air. They ferociously spin, creating a tornado of flame and magic. The sorcerer drops his hands and a glass statue of the god falls into the sand with a thick 'thud'. He walks over to it, looks into the smooth frightened eyes, "Hmph, a god". Then leaves it to the mercy of the masterless sands.

Months go by when a farmer herding his cattle stumbles across the defiled god. He recognizes immediately who the statue is of, but does not know that it is in fact Buyuk himself. He straps the statue to the back of his strongest beast and makes his way back to his village. The statue becomes the center piece in the small shrine that was dedicated to Buyuk. Centuries of advancement, famine, war and prosperity later the statue is moved to a museum of ancient history. One of a kind, priced at over $300,000 it is heavily guarded. Weeks after the statue's arrival a high stakes heist takes place. One of the burglars is running down a hall when a sharp glare catches his eye. The young stocky man's attention is turned towards the majestic art piece. As if beckoning him, he cannot help himself as he reaches out and touches it. The statue begins to rock back and forth. As if held in place by unseen forces, the man stares in shock at the danger. It collapses on top of him, shattering and embedding shards deeply into his skin. Severe lacerations all over his body, his gang leaves him behind as dead weight. 31 year old Tu'Kain dies before the ambulance can get him to the hospital.

He awakens in the morgue. Completely healed he has no memory of how he died, or that he died at all. Completely disoriented he gets off of metal table and feels a bit more weight to his step. Absolutely confused he begins to walk out of the morgue, he grabs the door handle and crushes it to his shock. An employee sees him, screams and runs for help. Tu'Kain is arrested, and after several escapes, is transferred to the Special Forces private Maximum Security Prison. Using special nanotube cables he is restrained and hangs by his feet 23 hours a day to prevent seismic activity from him. One hour a day he is monitored and studied under heavy guard. This, combined with constant nightmares of a familiar man staring at him, is Tu'Kain's miserable life for 3 years. One fateful morning he hears commotion coming from outside. He helplessly dangles from the cords and simply listens in confusion. Then his solid titanium cell door is blasted open. A few unfamiliar goons walk in, followed by a menacing man with a robotic eye. Scared, Tu'Kain stares in silence. The man walks forward and simply says "Well hows it hangin' rookie? Looks like you could use a hand mate"

I passed the hell out before I read this but it was my first priority to read it once I woke up.

BBBLP you have this talent for referring to Mortal Kombat as it is without saying the characters name or write down their patent moves. This style makes all MK readers really read who they are reading about which makes it delightful when they find out

Shang Tsung defying a God!? GREAT SHIT!!
I'm actually really glad you read it Yung. You are a blessing to all writers of the fan fic.
Ah shucks you :oops:

I hate to do this since you might still be on your fan writing fix but have you considered on who you want to do next?
Low, how do you usually pick your music from your fanfics?

Like, do you try to match up the tracks with the atmosphere of your story
I try to use chillouts who's nationality matches the character.
African chillout for Kai, Chinese chillout/instrumentals for Shujinko, Arabic for Jarek etc.
Damn this was sweet, all your "Rebuilding" stories are awesome.

This is really great, if Tremor was fleshed out like this in a game NRS could definitely include him.

I loved the ending too, shit was too sick.
How would you go about picking music for an Outworld/Edenian character? Like the humanoid characters
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I want Tremor, It's a darn shame we'll never ge a chance to see what he could be. :/ In a level playing field and given a fair shake. There's certainly nothing like him in Mk.
I would love this for MK10, but Boon hates Tremor. :(
I'm hoping that he has a change of heart by the time MK10 rolls around.
Even if he's just DLC, it would be nice to have him for MK10.

Good stuff BBBLP. :thrasher:
Um, how exactly could this be incorporated into a game? In most MK games a characters bio is usually a single screen. If you put it into a cutscene, it would take too long to be put into the game properly, fans would get bored. Great story either way, though.
This isn't a bio screen. Its a rebuilding of a character. The back-stories of Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Raiden, Kabal etc can be elaborated upon through pages of detail. But in game they condense them into a single paragraph.

If this story were to be portrayed through a cutscene, it would probably last only a good 10-20 minutes tops.