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Fiendish howls can be heard echoing from the fleshpits of Shang Tsung's necromantic workshop.

"AHH! Hel- HELP ME!"

A writhing abomination struggles against the bonds of 3 dark Shadow Priests with all of it's might. No skin is present on this being, no eyelids to shield it's eyes from the atrocities surrounding it. It's exposed muscle at the mercy of the malevolent necromancers surrounding it.

"It is escaping!" One priest yells.
"Brothers! Enhance your spells! He mustn't escape"

"He! He is too powerful! We cannot contain him much lon-Gah!"

The abomination breaks free of it's bonds with a ferocity the priests dare not challenge. The priests cautiously float away from the being. Neither of the parties removing their stare from the other. The creature looks around his surroundings and quickly sets off running towards the nearest exit.

"Restrain him!" A priest shouts.

"No. He is the closest we have gotten, he must be unharmed." A larger, more intimidating priest announces.

"Shang Tsung will not like this" Another priest bellows.

"Shang Tsung has no say" The larger one states as he glares in the direction the being made off in.

The abomination makes it's way up a flight of stairs, continuously looking behind making sure no pursuers are on it's trail. It happens upon a large, what seems to be central hub of a grand palace. Chaos seems to have erupted here. It notices many different races shouting unfamiliar words such as "Shao Kahn", "Outworld" and "Gods". Those interlocked in these intense debates seemed to be arguing over who should rule "Outworld".

The abomination had no interest at all in what these people were rambling on about. It just knew that they were unaware of it's presence. As it made its way towards one of the balconies it was spotted by a strange man with a metal face.

"Oly shit. The fvck is that right there?" He says in an Australian accent.

"Just another reject" A woman donning purple assassin attire claims in a raspy voice.
"Baraka! Capture it!" She commands.

A platoon of freakish monsters stormed towards the creation. Drooling over the thought of spilling even more blood than was dripping from it now. The abomination had no choice in the matter, it had to jump from the balcony. It rolled down a jagged mountain. It discovered a new world of pain as more and more flesh was sliced, snagged and ripped from it's body on the rocks it descended upon.

The intensity of it's wounds became too much and it passed out. When it awoken it was surrounded by the same type of monsters that gave chase to it earlier. However these ones seemed less hostile than the ones before. They were more cautious and curious than dangerous. The abomination stood up, it towered over the tribal monsters. It was surprised to know that it could stand, somehow it's wounds were healed. Not a scratch was found on it's grotesque muscle figure.

The creature looked towards the crowd of onlookers, there seemed to be about 20 of them. And in a horribly rash voice asked

" . . .Where am I?"

The tribals looked at one another before the eldest of the small village would declare

"You, strange man, are in Outworld. Now if I may ask, what are you?"

"I . . .do not know."
The abomination looks down at itself
"I am a monster, a creation. I am nothing but meat."

The village elder nods

"Meat, then so it shall be. Strange man you are welcome in my humble village for as long as you need."

"I, thank you kind stranger." Meat replies with his surveying his surroundings.

Meat is given some modest clothing from a local farmer. Some simple cloth pants and cloth shoes. He sleeps in one of the tents for the night, attempting to adjust to life and living. His mind racing with questions with his memories offering no answers. Meat awakens once again surrounded by strangers, though this time they are not as welcoming.

"Is this the one?" An elderly bearded man asked an all too familiar priest.

"Indeed, the one that almost got away." The priest answers, his evil glare never leaving Meat.

"Excellent, chain him at once-"

"You shall not touch him!" A loud voice boomed. Shaking the vary foundation of the ground.

"Raiden" The bearded man says with disgust.

He exits the tent, the priest following. Meat gets up from his mat on the floor and peers his head out of the tent to see the bodies of the tribals he befriended, all strewn about across the small village. He stood in horror and awe before turning his attention towards a large man fighting the bearded man and the priest. He seemed to be handling it easily when a woman rushes towards him.

"C'mon we gotta go!" Meat hears her yell

"Who are y-"

"No time! We have to go!" The woman shouted

Meat followed the blonde woman as they ran off in the wilderness. Meat began to tire when a camp came into view. There was a lone man there waiting, anticipating their arrival.

"Sonya look out! Theres a zombie behind you!" The man screamed as his hands glowed green as if ready to attack.

"Johnny no! This is the one Raiden was talking about. Raiden's back fighting Shang Tsung at this village. There were no other survivors."

"This is the guy? God I hope Raiden knows what the hell he's doing." Johnny says looking Meat up and down with disgust. Meat stares back with an equal amount of disdain.

Suddenly a flash of lightning strikes the ground and the man referred to as Raiden stepped out of the bolt. He stands tall, and Meat is looking at the seven foot god at eye level.

"I suppose you are the one I need to thank for rescuing me?"

"Thanks are not necessary, for it soon shall be I who is thanking you."

"I grow tired of these riddles I am being fed old man, what exactly do you mean?"

"Very well. 4 years ago my comrades and I fought a war against a tyrannical emperor named Shao Kahn. We defeated Kahn in a last ditch effort in which many of our friends had fallen. Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn's right hand sorcerer retrieved the vital organs of the emperor's body and attempted to combine them with a varied selection of body parts found in Shang Tsung's Fleshpits. He was attempting to recreate Kahn under his control. A man with the abilities of Kahn under the wisdom of Shang Tsung would be catastrophic. But his priests accidentally gave you too much power, too much control. You were able to break free of your bonds and escape. I foresaw these events and came to your rescue. So now I ask you warrior, will you aid us in our time of need against the dreaded Shinnok?"

"I know not who this Shinnok is, but if I get my chance of revenge on the men who did this to me, I pledge my total allegiance to your cause Lord Raiden." Meat says, standing dominant with his fist clenched in rage.

The end:vroam:
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Damn, I was writing some SF Fan fic and I wanted to see how long my writing was, then I stumbled across this amazing story. :love:

"Vital Organs"

Yes, you were referencing me without knowing it 8)
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Wow, that is a really awesome backstory for meat, if NRS goes by this I would surely want him as a full fledged playable character for MK10. The music choice was very fitting.


Nice backstory for meat, i really liked it. Though i don't remember there being any meat left, when Shao khan was killed by the eldar gods. Perhaps after Shang tsung somehow gets revived, he uses the power from when he was merged with Sindel, and the flesh in the flesh pits to make meat instead.
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Well I'll be damn, you actually did it.

Note that I will worship you for this story, forever


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Nice backstory for meat, i really liked it. Though i don't remember there being any meat left, when Shao khan was killed by the eldar gods. Perhaps after Shang tsung somehow gets revived, he uses the power from when he was merged with Sindel, and the flesh in the flesh pits to make meat instead.

Yeah I had to redo a few things to make it work. Guess it would have made more sense for Quan Chi to try to bring him back using some power from Kahn's helmet or something like that.


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Guess it would have made more sense for Quan Chi to try to bring him back using some power from Kahn's helmet or something like that.

MK9 proves that Quan Chi has enough power to bring people back from the dead, like he did with Sindel.

Here's a different angle to the Meat story that I thought of...

Quan Chi is in the process of reviving a fallen EathRealm Roman gladiator, from thousands of years ago, in a Cathedral near by.
He planned to recruit him into the army of the NetherRealm due to losing his best enforcer, when Noob Saibot was kicked into the Soulnado.
Scorpion had also gone rogue from the NetherRealm, and was nowhere to be found at the moment.
The creature is restrained during the resurrection process.
The process begins.
80% of the way through the process of reviving this warrior, Shinnok's voice calls out to Quan Chi and interrupts him, informing him of Shao Kahn's death at the hands of Raiden.
"I'm going to have to finish this later" says Quan Chi, as he covers the skinless body with a thick blanket and leaves the Cathedral.
Quan Chi opens a portal to Manhattan to see a huge explosion in the sky.
Raiden has just defeated Shao Kahn, and has left with Johnny Cage and Sonya.

Quan Chi is met on the rooftop by Shinnok and the ending MK9 cut-scene happens.

After that, Quan Chi and Shinnok begin planning their invasion of EarthRealm and Outworld.

Quan Chi: "I've been working on a new weapon that may give us a better chance this time around."
Skinnok: "What is this weapon, Quan Chi?"
Quan Chi: "The question is not what, but rather 'WHO?'"
"A fallen Roman gladiator with over 100 wins to his credit."
"Once he is fully resurrected and made immortal, he will lead NetherRealm's charge into EarthRealm, so that we can claim it for our own."
Shinnok: "Show me this creation."
Quan Chi: "Yes, Lord Shinnok. Gladly."


Back at the Catherdral, the unfinished being awakens with a gasp of air.
The powerful creature breaks through his restraints, as he stumbles to find his footing.

"Why is it so cold in here?"
"Where am I?"

As he finds his way across the room, he finds a mirror.
To his shock and amazement, he isn't anything like what he remembers last.
The whole outter layer of his skin is missing.
Who had done this to him?

He sneaks through the different hallways of the Cathedral, until he comes to an empty room.
It was the room where the nuns would come and change into.
He puts on some robes his body and covers his face, and wraps his feet so that he isn't barefoot.
Meat makes an escape from the Cathedral to find some help.

To Quan Chi's surprise, the body is no longer restrained to the table, where he left it.
Shinnok: "Where is this warrior you speak of, Quan Chi?"
"There is nothing here but a table with a cloth on it?"
Quan Chi:
"Where is he?"
"He couldn't have gone very far."
"He wasn't finished."
Shinnok: "I will go to the NetherRealm and prepare the fallen EarthRealm warriors for battle."
"You MUST find him, Quan Chi, and not allow him to get in contact Raiden or the EarthRealm warriors."
"If Raiden finds this EarthRealm creation, the Elder Gods may retaliate against us."

Quan Chi begins searching throughout the Cathedral for Meat
Following the blood trail, Quan Chi makes it to the empty room where Meat was prior.
The blood trail had stopped there.
With Scorpion going rogue from the NetherRealm and Noob Saibot disappearing into the Soulnado, Quan Chi is NOW left without an enforcer.
His search for Meat continues.......
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No not Meat!!! He doesn't deserve to be a character. He should just be a dismembered figure in the background or a training dummy.