Rebel Without a Cause [DBZ Fan-Fic]

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It had been a while since the defeat of Kid Buu at the hands of Goku, the Earth finally being at peace. Goku had moved on from all the chaos to begin training Uub, the positive reincarnation of Kid Buu by heading to his village and spending much time there. While Goku was gone and the period of well-deserved peace began, the rest of the Z Fighters and friends were finally relaxing, enjoying life. Most of them made frequent visits to the Kame House where Krillin, Eighteen, Marron, and Master Roshi lived, surrounded by the peaceful sounds of the surrounding waters. This is where our story begins.

Krillin was relaxing in the TV room with Yamcha, channel surfing when Yamcha finally decide to speak up. “Krillin, bro lets watch some of my older baseball games. I need to get prepared for the next season.” Krillin just sighed, knowing that wasn’t the case. Yamcha merely just wanted to show off, highlighting his best moments instead of actually training. “Yamcha, you came all the way over here just so you could watch your baseball games? You could have stayed home and did that.” Yamcha just laughed triumphantly, patting Krillin on the back. “Trust me, once you’ve seen one of my games, you won’t want to stop watching them.” Krillin was about to respond to that when suddenly the sliding door to outside opened.

Krillin and Yamcha both turned around to see Eighteen in the doorway with her and Krillin’s daughter, Marron in her arms. “Oh hey Eighteen! How’s it goin’?” Yamcha asked. “Fine Yamcha. Krillin, I’d like to talk to you.” “Yeah, Eighteen?” “We’ve been hanging around this house too long. I want some fresh air. I’m sure Yamcha can babysit Marron here. RIGHT Yamcha?” “Y—Yeah Eighteen! I can do that! No problem!” Eighteen nodded, carrying Marron over to Yamcha and placing her in his lap as Marron smiled brightly at him. “Yamcha! We can play so many games together!” Yamcha just laughed, tussling her hair before looking over at Krillin. “It’s okay bro, I got this. I’m good with kids. Go on your break with Eighteen.”

Krillin smiled and chuckled at him before giving him a high-five, exiting the Kame House with Eighteen. They stood outside on the porch, the breeze flowing through Eighteen’s hair, making it flow in the wind as Krillin looked up at her. “So what do you have in mind Eighteen? I’ve never seen you so eager to get out.” Eighteen looked up into the sky, taking a calm breath. “I’d like for us to go on a simple trip to the wilderness. Something out of the ordinary, alright? I just want to change things up.” Krillin was surprised but decided to just go with his wife’s plan. “Alright, if that’s what you want.”

Eighteen and Krillin then took off into the air, flying high above the ocean that surrounded the Kamo House at a moderate speed. While they soared in the air, Krillin looked over at Eighteen to see a small smile on her face as they headed to the woods. It had been quite a while since they had some of their own personal time. “How long are we going to be out here?” “Not too long. I don’t trust Yamcha with Marron as much as you do, Krillin. I just didn’t want to leave her with Roshi.” Krillin laughed before responding, “Yeah, even I don’t think that would have been a good idea.” Krillin continued to chuckle, rubbing the back of his head when suddenly the woods appeared under the two. “I guess we’re here, Eighteen.” The two scanned the area before floating down slowly, making contact with the wilderness’s floor when they suddenly felt a strange, yet familiar energy.
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Chapter 1: Reunion

Eighteen was standing still in shock while Krillin was thinking hard. “That energy source. It feels familiar. You feel it too Eighteen?” Eighteen couldn’t let out a word for a few moments before saying, “Come on. We need to search the area.” Krillin knew better than to question Eighteen when she was feeling this way so he just nodded his head, getting serious. They both pushes through the trees and bushes quietly, coming across a open gap of area and in the gap was a distinctive cabin. “Who could be living all the way out here?” Krillin thought to himself as Eighteen started walking towards it. Krillin picked up the pace, catching up to her quickly when she suddenly put her arm out, stopping him. “Go wait in the bushes,” she said. “No Eighteen, I’m not leaving your si--.” “GO!” Krillin let out a sigh, deciding to follow his wife’s orders as he went to the bushes, pushing through the shrubbery to create a hiding spot.

Eighteen walked up to the door, knocking on it softly when she suddenly heard footsteps from inside the cabin. She gulped heavily as her heart began to race, when suddenly the doorknob began to shake. The wood of the door creaked heavily as it swung open slowly and there stood Eighteen’s younger brother, Seventeen. “E—E---Eighteen?” Seventeen stood there in complete shock, not having seen his older sister since the encounter with Cell. Eighteen was speechless as well but could only let out a tear as she quickly grabbed him, embracing him with all she had as her tears ran down onto his blue jacket. “Seventeen!!!” Krillin watched from the distance, as a huge smile formed on his face, happy to see his wife in such a mood of relief.

Seventeen just calmly hugged her back, patting her on the back as he let out a chuckle. “Wow, Eighteen it’s been too long.” Eighteen then pulled back and held her hand back high, bringing it down hard to deliver a huge, powerful slap to the side of his face as she cried angrily. “Where have you been?! Why haven’t you ever tried to visit me?! We’re siblings, Seventeen! Siblings! Don’t you care about your sister?!” Normally, if someone had hit Seventeen he’d kick them so hard they’d see the curvature of the Earth but he knew he was wrong, holding his head in shame. “After Cell absorbed me and I was wished back with all the others, I just wanted to get away from everything. I guess it was a selfish choice, Eighteen. I’m…sorry.” “You better be sorry! I’ve been thinking about you every single day Seventeen!” Eighteen then broke out into another wave of tears, grabbing him again and holding him close as he sighed heavily, rubbing her back. “I’ll make it up to you Eighteen. I promise. I won’t leave your side again.” “Come with us. To the Kame House! You can live there with us!” “Us? Us? You keep saying “us?” Who’s “us?”

Eighteen smiled and looked back towards the bushes, nodding her head at Krillin as Seventeen looked as well, being confused. Krillin stepped out of the bushes, scratching his head and chuckling as he smiled at Seventeen. “Hey buddy! Long time no see!” Seventeen looked back at Eighteen, realizing their relationship. “Wait. You, and him?” Eighteen smiled and nodded her head. “Wow. I never would have thought.” “He saved my life and defended me from Cell. Just like how the others tried to defend you. And don’t say they didn’t succeed, Seventeen. Your arrogance was your downfall. Truth hurts but still.” Seventeen just rolled his eyes, not wanting to get into an argument with his sister. “Come on, let’s go to the Kame House or whatever it was called after I pack my things.” Eighteen nodded, waiting outside with Krillin as Seventeen closed the door, getting ready for his departure.

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This is some of the best fanfic I've ever read, and it hasn't even really started yet

Seriously, you captured the spirit of DBZ perfectly with the dialogue and some of the little touches (like Krillin scratching his head)

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I felt like I was watching the actual show itself just reading the dialogue

For real though, this shit is golden

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