Ravenous Variation


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Ah, my staple. A truly beautiful, yet violent, way to demolish your adversary.
A pounce here, a pounce there, rolls galore everywhere--all the while still displaying the grace expected of an Empress.

This, in my opinion, is Mileena's most powerful variation from a raw damage perspective (slightly edging Piercing). She has great versatility in her combo enders with the Pounce options. Low Pounce can also be used to make your opponent think twice about low turtle blocking consistantly. It serves as a decent alternative to low sai in Piercing. Not as handy, but still a useful tool to exploit from time to time--particularly during poke wars and close zoning.

With this newest patch, Mileena also acts as a succubus--being able to drain a small amount of health from her B1, 2, 1+2 combination.

I simply had to make a thread regarding my favorite (and main) variation. Combos, strategy, match ups, questions, etc are all welcome! ;)


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I really wanted to main Ravenous. Any type of Chain grappler reminds me of the GOAT; Tekken's King.
I don't remember why I stopped using her, think I might have gotten distracted by Jason. But I do see myself going back eventually.


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Ravenous variation is really what got me interested in Mileena for MKX. I've spent way too much time studying and perfecting myself with her LOL.

It's just a very satisfying style to learn, in my opinion.

Also forgot to mention, just found it out about 20 minutes ago when I was playing with some friends--Mileena has a new Ravenous Brutality. It's her Low Pounce--she snaps off their arms, and then makes their head go splat when she takes them to the ground. I'd imagine it will be on YouTube before too long, so check it out if anyone is interested.

Quite dainty, indeed. :p

EDIT: New Brutality Vid
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Dat face sitting brutality tho lol.

Pulling it off was so hard for me.
I don't know why but that grab can be kinda hard for me to pull it off.