Rampage live action movie

Guyver Spawn

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It looks like the classic arcade franchise from the 80's and 90's is going to be adapted to the big screen with Dwayne Johnson. I guess after Godzilla 2014, Pacific Rim and Cloverfield in the last 7 years, giant monsters are returning to the big screen. I loved the World Tour series as a kid. I had Rampage 1 & 2 on the PS1 as a kid and would always play them with my friends. They where even better on the N64 due to the 4 player support. I never played the reboot that Midway did on the PS2 and Wii almost a decade ago.

I've long held the belief that most video games make poor source material for movies. I don't think there is much to Rampage beyond smashing buildings...might as well do a remake of another kaiju movie.
Being a huge monster movie fan growing up, I loved the Rampage games and I wanted a movie to happen as a kid in the 90's after the letdown of Godzilla 1998 at the time. I'm surprise that New Line wants a Rampage movie to happen faster then doing another MK movie. It's also funny how the Rock was going to be a Spy Hunter movie set to be out back in 2006 that never got made. Now he is set in a movie based on another Midway franchise. It would be funny if the Rock ends up being in the MK reboot film :razz:.
Loved the Rampage games! Don't know how it would work as a movie, guessing Godzilla like but intrigued if it ever gets made