Raiden and Mileena

I've always been fascinated by the offbeat characterizations of the ascension of the Mortal Kombat avatar Raiden (God of Thunder and master of lightning/electricity) and the rage-intrigue surrounding the Mortal Kombat avatar Mileena (evil twin sister of Princess Kitana), so here's a realm-tale about Raiden and Mileena being united.

Love stories in the Mortal Kombat franchise I think are under-appreciated and under-valued, so feel free to comment on what you like about Raiden-Mileena or if you prefer a different pairing (and why!).


Raiden was hopelessly in love with Sindel, the mother of Princess Kitana, but when Shang Tsung generated Kitana's malicious and intriguing twin-sister Mileena, Raiden was transfixed by her. Raiden decided to confess to Sindel that he was now in love with Mileena, but Sindel was furious and commander her daughter (Kitana) to execute Mileena! The stage was set for a violent and dramatic love-triangle! Raiden loved Sindel for her overall strength, but he fell in love with Mileena's brute courage. He felt torn but mostly resolved to pursue Mileena.

Mileena confided in Raiden that she believed all sentient beings (those in Earthrealm as well as those in Outworld) were 'evolving' towards cannibalism (the ingestion of flesh for food!). Raiden found this theory odd but asked Mileena why she believed in it, and she explained to him that the inner rage of men and women drove them to consider how absorbing the flesh/composition of others (by eating them!) felt metaphysically equivalent to 'sharing' metaphysical space with them! Raiden found this theory interesting and continued conversing with his new lover (but Sindel noticed this conversation from her crystal-ball in her castle and was extremely jealous). Sindel told Kitana to stalk her sister Mileena, and Kitana obeyed.

As Kitana pursued Mileena, Raiden travelled to Sindel's castle to converse with her and make sure she was alright before resolving to marry Mileena. Sindel told Raiden that she knew of Mileena's 'metaphysical cannibal' theory-philosophy and that she shared the same theory-philosophy and also told Raiden that she demanded he not betray her for Mileena. Sindel explained to Raiden that Mileena was being stalked by Kitana and was therefore not a safe long-term life-partner (or wife). Raiden immediately suspected foul-play and realized Sindel ordered Kitana to stalk Mileena. Raiden gently explained to Sindel that he was in love with Mileena's personality and perspective on moral courage and was therefore nor rejecting Sindel's beauty and would consider maintaining at least a friendship with Sindel.

Raiden hurried to find Mileena before Kitana found her. When he found Mileena in a forest, he observed that his newfound lover was engaged in a little combat with her twin-sister Kitana. Raiden interceded and stopped the two women from fighting and explained that he had just spoken with Kitana's mother (Sindel) and cleared up all confusions/misunderstandings regarding love-born grudges and that his newfound love for Mileena would not devastate or corrupt his longstanding mutual respect and affection for his original lover (Sindel). Kitana felt happy her mother was emotionally secure (and safe) and decided not to stalk Mileena. When Kitana returned to Sindel, she explained how Raiden resolved the conflict, and Sindel then realized that Raiden really was sincerely in love with Mileena and that such a sincere love would not destroy the civil friendship she valued with the admired Raiden. Peace reigned temporarily...





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^^^^^^My exact reaction, but you actually got me to read it so that's a plus in my book, lol.

But I highly dismiss the pairing my darling Mileena with that irresponsible failure of an Elder God. Tanya x Rain all the way.