Rage stories :D


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Anyone get any people butthurt at you after you play them online yet?

I went into a lobby where someone playing Doomsday was 7-0 in KOTH matches. I anxiously awaiting my turn at him. I could tell everyone in the room was a scrub. He just kept spamming the jumping stomp crap over and over and other players couldnt counter it. Then I finally got my chance to face him.

It was a thing of beauty as he was no match for me. Normally I would try to zone out the big guys like Grundy, Bane and Doomsday but I kept rushing him down and he had no idea how to react to it. Managed to get in a 48% combo on him as well. Beat him while I still was in my first health meter. That wasnt the best part though. Towards the end of his life bar... he suddenly had a mic


Man I wish I had recorded it
I would thought to myself like, wish I could tell him, "Like you were any better than I was. Learn your character better and be more humble about your damn loss!!"
Actually now that I think about it... isnt there an achivement for winning so many KOTH matches in a row? He was probably super man that I was the last person he needed to beat to get it... which makes the victory that much more rewarding.

I play Call Of Duty, Battlefield... plenty of online games but NEVER have I gotten the amount of vile hate mail that I get when playing fighting games. I play Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Dead Or Alive 5, and Super Street Fighter 4... I get so much hate mail playing all of them
All my hatemail comes from SSF4.

I remember this dude telling me to suck his dick because he was "the 19th best Sakura on XBL" and he was just playing on his brother's account, which is why his Sakura had 0 BP.

19th best or not, I still beat you, lol.
hey a win is a win to me. If you are gonna hang back like a punk and not do anything, of course im gonna zone your ass. Then I get tons of hate mail saying im a crappy spammer
Played a dude in a KoTH that picked Harley. He hit me once and I proceeded to steamroll his ass in less than 30 seconds. I didn't even know he had a mic on when he screamed "FUKKING GAY" and quit the room.
i wish they had perfect servers and no lags i would have many rage stories lol
even in ranked matches as i am about to win the match ends and it says opponent left but i get a loss :(
The servers are leagues better than MK9's. I rarely get a laggy match :pimp:
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The servers are leagues better than MK9's. I rarely get a laggy match.
xbox or ps3?
i live in the middle east fyi thats why maybe and my net speed fluctuates
even with the best constant speed i have played im unable to do combos either not used to online yet or its just not possible :reddy:
Oh I have LOADS!!!! (Only owned the game a week aswell XD)

Let me explain my strategy with The Flash first. As he doesn't have a projectile to spam (Like most people seem to love doing) I wait them out, crouch block and wait for them to get bored and move closer or wait for an opening then back forward medium to close the gap and knocking them on their asses, this equates to me 'spamming' or being a 'scrub'. I call it being smart.

First: I sent this dude a GG first then he wrote back "Dont spam the same move"
Myself: "and what move would that be? Flash has no projectiles so please tell me how i should get close to people. ENlighten me oh great one"
Rage dude 1: "urrm lets think hmmm u used the fastest man alive combo over and over KEPT jumping, went into crouched running stance YE so u were spamming ALOT"
Myself: "oh you...."
Rage dude 1: "don't try to tell me u weren' spamming NOOB! learn to play a big character as well as i do without SPAMMING the someone can actually enjoy playing you instead of being a WANKER AND SPAMMING"
(I should mention at this point he was Solomon and was just jumping towards me hitting then going for a grab, then as per usual throwing out a wake up super)
Rage dude 1: "wt do you mean OH YOU...OH i get it those are the only word you can spell OH YOU...URRM so ur a moron, stupid, retarded, aliterate & a SPAMMING WANKER good mix
Myself: "got anything else? I've heard better"
Rage dude 1: "you started this so im not gonna bother sending msgs to people who cant read"
Myself: "I can read perfectly well. Especially since you were so kind to put those choice words into capitals for me =)"
Rage dude 1: oh did you get your cousin to write that poem for me oh wait shes you GF to forgot tut :(:)" (what?)

It goes on with him calling me a homo and I play along saying I love , saltier the better. I know I shouldn't but I just love to see how far these people are willing to go and I can't leave it alone lol

There was later I guy who rage quit and called me a nerd who tried to convince me he was a German Lawyer.

Another said "Easy , go training suka pedophile!!" because I called him out over quitting at the end of the match.

Last night there was a guy who got really angry at me and I had no idea who he was. He wasn't in my players met list or anything yet he got the idea I did something to him :S
Rage dude 2: "Teach me how to lose" "LOL U MADDDD!!!" "I feel bad cuz ur mad!!!! U MAAAAAADDDDD BRRROOOOO!!!"

Finally there was a dude who didn't like my tactic oh waiting his Batman out with him jumping back and throwing batarangs and grapple.
Rage dude 3: "keep running away scrub"
Myself: "I stood perfectly still waiting for an opening"
Rage dude 3: "rofl"
Myself: "maybe you should learn a thing or 2 before calling me a scrub"
Rage dude 3: "lol haha ok scrub"
Myself: "Its a good show. it last season was terrible though"
Rage dude 3: "bahaha"
Myself: "Elliott and Carla were my favourates"
Rage dude 3: "ur mum was mine...scrub. keep running back and holding down, scrub...enjoy your block"
Myself: "Poor you. My mums a "

That sums up my evening lol
Love rage stories, I don't like how they always involve long sections on how supposedly good the story teller is it the game in question.

Seem's like an excuse to showboat.

There isn't an achievement for 10 wins in a row either.
Love rage stories, I don't like how they always involve long sections on how supposedly good the story teller is it the game in question.

Seem's like an excuse to showboat.

There isn't an achievement for 10 wins in a row either.

You damn right im gonna showboat when I beat people like that :D
Exactly why I don't play, especially fighting games, online. While the raging is sometimes fun, usually it just makes me sigh in frustration.