Question about enchanted moves


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hello everyone i got the game today, and i'm having serious problems with performing the enchanted attacks. i just simply cant do them... i dont understand how to do them... lets say i want to do scorpion's enchanted spear attack... i need to do back, back, X and RT (for the xbox).. i tried to do the back back X and THEN the RT, and then i tried to do back back and X+RT, but all of them doesnt work...
i also managed to do 1 enchanted move with JC by accident.. please help me.. how do i do this?!

And you just press RT at the same time as the commands for the special move. Not hard at all.
Having a slight problem with them too, but you'll get used to it. Press RT while inputing last button. Practice makes perfect =)
If you changed your button config from default setting it will totally mess up the command.
eg. I changed my tag button location then I had a really hard time doing x-ray's so I changed it back
This issue is using the analog triggers, maybe try changing block to a bumper instead so it's an instant input.
who else literally laughed out loud , at ' enchanted ' ???

on topic, you just gotta make sure your hitting them at the same time.
No, you're not, nomad.

You just do the normal move and hit block, too. If you're using the standard 360 controller, it could just be that you're not hitting the buttons exactly at the same time. The D-pad on those controllers suck, so that could also be a source of your problem.
try pressing RT before X, it's just cuz the RT needs to be fully pressed at the same time u hit X. so by the time it's fully pressed, you'll have hit X if you press RT before X.
Yeah, I play on the Ps3 so don't know about the 360 controller but I press the bumper just a little bit earlier than x or square or whatever. That works everytime!