Query re Mystic Ermac


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So, it's fairly well established that Master of Souls is the best Ermac variation and so I wanted to give Spectral and Mystic a try, to see how they feel in training.

One thing I find odd, and don't really understand, is why the EX versions of Tele-Choke and Tele-Hang do less damage than the regular versions.

Tele-Choke does 9.75% damage, whilst Levitate only does 5.85% damage but keeps the opponent in the air for a few seconds. However, you can't take advantage of this situation (i.e. by jumping up for an air attack) as you are stationary during this period.

Similarly, Tele-Hang does 8.50% damage when the opponent hits the ground, and whilst hey are hung upside down you can jump forward and kick them down anyway - hopefully into a combo. However, Tele-Hold only does 4.25% damage and doesn't levitate the opponent long enough for you to attack them, so ultimately does less damage.

Am I missing something really obvious here? Is it just all about hit advantage being lower in the EX versions?