Quan Chi Fatality Confirmed, Others Unconfirmed

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Our Chicago Correspondent <A HREF="mailto:pat@rat.org">Patrick McCarron</a> was playing Mortal Kombat 4 at a local arcade and he saw
Quan Chi's Fatality, which everyone thought was a rumor.
<TABLE BORDER=0><TR><TD WIDTH="450"><I><FONT COLOR="#FF8000">- Quan Chi grabs his opponent's leg and begins to yank, but then places his leg against his opponent's leg for added force. He pulls until he snaps their leg off, causing them to fall to the ground. Quan then proceeds to beat his lifeless opponent with the leg in hand. Every hit spurts blood, and looks more gruesome than it sounds.<br>
- Reports of other fatalities have been coming in also, such as Sub-Zero's head rip and Raiden's electricity head explosion.<BR>
- Sub-Zero's head rip was described exactly the way everyone else had explained it. He walks around to the back of his opponent, starts to pull on the opponent's head, and then, on the 3rd pull, he yanks it off. The head has the spine attached, the body falls over, and a big puddle of blood surrounds the area. <br>
- Raiden's electricity head explosion was said to have more detail to it as well. Raiden holds his hand back as he charges some electricity, unleashes it into his opponent, and then their head explodes.</FONT></I></TD><TR></TABLE></CENTER>