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Hi all,

Firstly, you should note that I use Kitana exclusively online. So any character specific help you could give would be great. Now let's get started ...

I recently met a player online who has a very good Mileena, his mix up game confuses me, his sai throwing makes my fan throwing not worth it and his teleports catch me standing around all the time.

Every now and again, I manage to read a teleport or a ball roll and actually block it. Here's where the problem starts. After I block a teleport and Mileena starts to fall to the ground slowly, I think great! I'll punish this with a juicy combo! But no, I start the combo (f+2,1) and after the second hit, I send Mileena flying, pushing her out of danger and in to safety, behind her wall of sais. I have the same problem with the ball roll. I block and she rolls in the air for a bit, I start my combo and after the second hit... BAM! she's back to safety.

I have fought the other characters this player uses and they were good fights, I managed to win a few and so did he but, Mileena is just a whole new ball game. I'm able to punish things like a blocked Scorpion teleport or blocked superman but, her moves just recover too quick.

So do you guys have any tips to punish this horrible clone of my fair princess?

For the ball roll, Punish it with B+2 into air fan* and follow up with a combo of your choice. Most BnB starters will not Punish mileena's Teleport a simple Uppercut will its not big damage but its better than nothing right?

We should playzz! :D I main Mileena :)
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Yeah what vitals said,

You need to learn how to combo out of the air because mileena is completely safe once her feet hit the ground.
i main kitana too i know how to punish the ball and teleport 99% of the time. when it comes to ball roll, that one is the easiest to punish. a simple 2 into cutting fan will work but since i want to get as much damage as possible, i usually go for b+2 and combo from that. when it comes o the teleport, this one is a little bit tricky. we all know that mileena can throw a sai after the teleport so reading ur opponent will determine how to punish the teleport. noobs who spam the teleport mostly dont throw a sai afterwards, thats when teleport is easy to punish. a simple uppercut will do, or 2 into cutting fan. if i feel like being fancy, ill punish it with a njp then combo from there. when ur fighting skilled mileenas, they tend to either throw a sai right after the teleport or they will delay the sai to try and bait out ur anti air. thats when punishing can be a little tricky. thats when uprise (EN fan lift) comes into play. if the opponent throws sais immediately after throwing a sai, uprise can still catch mileena before she lands. if the opponent wants to delay the sai, uprise will catch them before she can throw it out. mileenas en teleport is a different story. the only way i can punish that is by crouch blocking and then press D+1 before she recovers or throws out a sai. one thing i have noticed tho is that mileenas regular teleport kick is MUCH harder to punish if your crouch blocking. since it has tracking abilities, if your crouch blocking, the attack lands lower to the ground, thus making her harder to punish. thats y im ALWAYS blocking standing when i know a teleport is coming. hope this helps
Mileena is such a *****!!! Rrrr!!! Lately I have been struggling with her D4. It's insanely hard to punish on reaction, let alone online. Definately a hard character to beat when played by a good user.
Cheers guys, I didn't even think of B+2 (Doh!) but I'll give it a try. My problem seems to be being able to maximise damage against Mileena so hopefully now I'll punish those mistakes with decent damage.

iVital, I would gladly put your Mileena to the test. I'll send you a FR next time I get on Live.