PSN Online Games!

Robert Mulcahy

New member
Hey guys!

So Telgip (My cousin) and I decided to go online our first time and see how the 2v2s would run. Here is the footage!

Over all it was a great experience.

I think the game is so new that the servers are just getting hammered by players that it's creating ALL THIS LAG! So I'm pretty sure the lag problem will get better overtime.

Cool thing we found out was that two players does not need to fight another two players. They can fight one player with two characters. Which opens the possibilities of finding much more matches even when you wanna duo with your homies.

If you can't tell I spent maaaaaany hours in the demo of MK and can play the four demo characters fairly well. Here I use Scorpion because, I won't lie, he's kinda OP, at least he is while no one knows how to play against him atm. Those who do know how to play against him, do very well.

Telgip was playing Jackson Briggs. He hasn't had much experience with the game outside of story mode. He fell in love with Jax's playstyle and played a bit more of him in other modes before we got online.

I hope you all enjoy the show! =)