ps vita party mk matches


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i was thinking since mk online will just be one on one maybe we can make the full of it. when the game comes out we can have like a king of the hill ps party a group up to 8 people can be in a room and we all fight and we rotate to the next person.i dont think it would be a hassle but then again i dont know how the online interface will be.but it would be fun.after a match we could text winning points and loses.and who knows have little community tournaments between us.i know we will during times fight random people online but it would be fun to come back to the room where familiar battle buddies will be to joke around and train and help eachother get better.just a thought. whaddya think?
yeah that works but my ps3 died awhile back so i have to wait a bit. and alotta people will be playing this so i figured why not