Protest Arises Against Midway's Grant

Patrick McCarron

TRMK Admin, Co-founder
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The controversy continues. The <a href="">Chicago Tribune</a> is reporting that yesterday in Chicago about 2 dozen people marched from the Art Institute to City Hall, then to a downtown Toys R' Us in protest against the Grant given to Midway Games for expansion of their North Side offices. Some of the protestors came from as far away as Vancouver, CA and were "in town to be trained in methods of fighting violence." Click below to read more.
<br><br>-- <a href=",2669,SAV-0001070168,FF.html">Aid to Mortal Kombat Maker Spurs Protest</a>
The Associated Press (AP) released a news story on the protest containing a picture of the protest. Click on the link below to read the story and see the picture.
<br><br>-- <a
href="">Mortal Kombat Grant Under Fire</a