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Good evening. Im creating this thread in an effort to promote some of the music I have worked on. This thread also gives the chance for other artists out there to promote theirs!

This is my music page

Im an emcee/rapper. I write my lyrics and compose most of my beats. I really enjoy doing underground music. If you like underground music or are just in the mood for something new and DIFFERENT, this music just might be for you!



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that was so 80's it blew my mind. excellent job! do you figure jefferson does the human instead of the robot?
hey thanks. lol well i figure jefferson lived a double life, only revealing his cybernetic alter ego in private.

and I like your piece a lot, it sounds like its something that could accompany something from apocalyptica


Wow, I kind of forgot about this thread. I figured since no one replied to it for a while to just let it go until I saw it come up again the other day. Thank you guys for participating. : )

@Squirrelpion: Im loving the guitar piece. Ever think about adding lyrics?
@humansmoke44: Very nice video. You also made the music to?

heres a recent track we did. Its over the Bone thugs and harmony BODY ROTT instrumental. Notice, NO CUSS WORDS! YEAH!

My verse is the 2nd one. Enjoy, let me know what you think!@

heres another one we recently did

I had just gotten in california from a trip. We recorded this at like 4am. I had been up longer than 24 hours. LOL


Heres some concert footage. Im the dude that comes out with the ice chest full of Monsters.
We had some big time technical difficulties with the sound guy. The song doesnt start until 2:35
you can fast forward or you can watch us be on stage for ETERNITY!!!!

Systematic Tragedy featuring 3X: Mean Green Anthem

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Dude,I am loving you old stuff,it's my kind of music.

Haha thanks! If you'd like I could email you the actual track.

Oh and that style of music is only "spare-time" shit. I prefer mainly hardcore. Donnybrook, Dangers, Blood for Blood and the like. Deathcore is just an estranged love for me I guess haha.


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thanks flying jinkbro, i thought it's 2012 and the mayans are coming. so i tried to paint a picture with that lame ass flute hahaha.
@mgentlifer that's pretty bad ass man, do you make your own beats too?