Project Vita - Master a Kombatant!


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I'm starting this new thread in hopes to get a good foundation to start my quest to master the worst MK character in MK9 vita.

First I will need to know who is the worst MK9 character -- since it's on the vita this includes all of the DLC fighters.

Once we have voted on the worst fighter; I will move on to step two -- Arcade beginner - expert!

Finally, I will debut the fighter in ranked matches/player battles for anyone to take a crack at him/her.

If the kombatant is deemed as a worthy opponent I will post the users guide right here on TRMK.
Any character can be deadly in the hands of a great player, I've seen some great Sheevas and Barakas. However, the majority of the community seems to agree that they are the worst.

Please, do not vote for Jade, I've been training with her recently and found out she has many tricks up her sleeve.
If Jade is out, then popular vote generally says Baraka and Sheeva are the worst. Sheeva's my main. I've mastered her on the Vita and Xbox. She was really hard to learn for me. I literally had about a 5% win ratio with her online until I got over 60 fights. But now, I win with her about half of the time online but I have yet to do a combo online greater than 31%. I almost never use her teleport stomp when I play online. Maybe once every 20 games, and half of those are by accident. I find I don't need it except with repetitive zoners and even then I will try everything else instead. The main problem with Sheeva is that her specials don't set up combos. No freeze or spear or teleport punch to start off a combo. Plus her combos are never like 1,1,2 but they alternate 1,2, B+1 for instance. Plus, her good combos require a combo with a special move squeezed in there to cancel. The timing is difficult as they don't chain together automatically.

In the beginning, playing Sheeva was an exercise in masochism but now, I feel quite content with her.

I usually use the teleport stomp just for the fatality and land behind someone.