Problem with challenge #160 - 8 hit combo for Liu Kang


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Hi everyone,
i really need help on this one. I tried, i tried and i tried but i am not able to pull that damn challenge # 160 where you have to do an 8 combo with Liu kang. Because of that i had to skip this one because i was starting to go crazy... Any tips on how i could pull that 8 combo easily... I am now at challenge # 200 and #160 was the only one i had to skip!!! Thanks in advance for your help...
Do a bicycle kick. I'm not sure but you may need to do the enhanced version.
I had tried with a 2 to 3 hit combo than a bicycle kick but i am not able to pull it off quick enough so that the 2 are linked together... As for the Enhanced bicycle kick... I will try that!!! Thanks come back to you later!!!
easy, do this

1, 2, b+1, that will do a popup, immediatley do the bicycle kick afterwards to link that into a big combo
I haven't got to 160 that all it is? How about jump punch, 2,1,3 Dash 2,1,3 Dash 1,2,B+1 Dash 1,2~Flying Kick. Or, Xray, Bicycle kick. Easy money.
someone shouldve told me about the EX earlier -.- i tried for hours and then did it with. 1,2,b+1,dash,1,2,b+1,bycicle kick(normal)
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I finally had the time to try it last night and a big thanks to all of your advices!!! The Enhanced Bicycle kick did the job with a charm on the first try!!! I am now at challenge #209.
lol when you get to challenge 300 use sheeva and do down, up, uppercut, down, up, leg sweep, down, up, uppercut, down, up, leg sweep. works everytime