Pro Gun Anti-Gun


Some people really like guns.

Some people don't.

I think there are arguments on both sides.

I have one question: "If you got the chance to go shoot at a range, would you?"
I love shooting handguns when I go home. The power, the feel, the noise. Just too many stupid people with too many stupid ideals. The question is not if I got the chance it is whenever I get the opportunity!
I like guns and I would definitely go shoot at a range if I ever got the chance but at the same time, I really don't think people should have/own guns. The majority of people out there are absolutely not responsible enough and I think guns should only be owned by people that rely on them for their profession and even they should only be able to have one while on the job. I have spoken.
We need guns? Here in Australia, we are doing perfectly fine without them. Compared to other places at least.
I dunno. The point always seemed moot to me. Seems like all the nuts who go out and shoot people got their guns illegally, and if they didn't, then they would have anyway if it was illegal to own them. The freedom argument is ridiculous 'cause there's tons of harmless stuff we don't have the freedom to do. Owning projectile weapons isn't really higher on my freedoms list than drug legalization, gay marriage, and Hell, why not, polygamy.

A gun might be a very different thing in Louisiana or Kentucky than it is here in CA (though I know we have somebody repping Anaheim on this thread.) But my neighborhood had one of the biggest gang busts in LA history 'cause a dude shot at a cop with an AK47. Meanwhile, back in my hometown, I witnessed a guy get shot at the mall a few years ago the day after Christmas. News said it was over a girl, but it caused this insane scary human stampede. And at the pawn shop I used to work at, I sold a rifle to a guy who, no lie, after the money was exchanged went outside, got messed with by some guy in front of the store, and yelled out "Just wait till my waiting period is up, and you're gonna get it." Obviously, we refunded the guy his money, and didn't sell him a gun, but he certainly could have gotten one from any other store. And this was all in small-town America.

I'm not saying people shouldn't have the right to own guns. I honestly don't know what my position is on it. I've been out shooting clay pigeons with my dad before. It was hilarious, everybody out shooting and talking smack on liberals. Being a liberal myself, it's hard to stick up for your values when you're surrounded by strangers with loaded shotguns.

These days, my pro-corporate libertarian friend Jason constantly offers to take me shooting. I always engage him in these futile, long-winded debates on why he wants to be able to carry his handgun around with him outside. He also can't believe why I wouldn't want to go shooting with him. Maybe one day I will. It honestly doesn't get me excited. It all just seems kinda pointless.
are you serious??... like... really truly serious??

i.. i dont know what to say..

silly americans..

He likely is serious. That's a fairly common viewpoint in the US. Probably due to the fact that the right to bear arms has been in our constitution for over 200 years.

Personally, I don't have a strong conviction either way on this issue, but one thing is certain. Guns are like drugs in the sense that people will find a way to get a hold of them whether it's legal or not.
I'm in the process of applying to the police academy but the state is broke at the moment so things are moving slow. I got a pistol to practice at the range so i would be familiar with them and i will say it is a fun (expensive) hobby. It does make you feel safer in the house in case someone broke in as well. As far as the legal rights to own them goes, it varies between states, but NJ has a very thorough backround check process and it takes a few months to even get a permit. Because of this, I feel like MOST people that choose to go through that process aren't going to be the problem. The people who want guns for the wrong reasons would be more inclined to go the black market route because it would be faster and the gun can't be traced as easy. I'm not one sided on either view though because it takes a very responcible person to handle a gun properly and there are a lot of stupid people out there, even if they aren't criminals.
Guns are worst things to ever happen to war IMO, best thing to happen to FPS's though :)
I think we should take the guns away from everyone and make people fight with spears and shields. I'm being serious for once. No need for me and my family to die because some guy's day isn't going right :?
How would that save your family?

WTF are you talking about? If someone doesn't have a gun and they try to harm me or my family, they're getting ****ed up. Simple as that.
That is why I think all firearms should be destroyed, it would create a society that could hold its own. If you get your ass beat you don't go home and get your heat, you get stronger and better. Thats not how today's society is unfortunately :(
So what happens to your family if the guy with the spear and shield F's you up?

Depends on a couple of things, IF he could even get the upper hand on me, and if he does ****s me up and he doesn't kill me, I get stronger, learn from my errors, and adapt to his attacks. Then, I **** his shit up ;)
I actually own a few guns, but all are strictly for hunting. They are all single-shot. One shotgun, one rifle, and one muzzle loading black powder rifle. For home defense, the shotgun is for intimidation, but the wasp spray is to bring somebody down. I probably couldn't shoot anybody, but that's why I keep the live rounds locked up. The rounds that are accessible are full of rock salt.