[Prediction] 100% sure there's a 2nd set of DLC


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Watching the stream and them saying they cannot comment on future DLCs, it's pretty much set there's more to come!
I just hope they will work with some guys from the story mode since some already look so cool and upgraded they they deserve a shot as opposed to 3/4 (Tanya / Tremor might make an appearance I've read) who are not in the story. Thoughts?


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No matter how good the game is, I predict I will be disappointed - and especially if the unlockable characters have already been revealed.

Guyver Spawn

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If we get a second wave of DLC then my guess it would likely be:

MK4-MKA fighter
MK9 fighter
Female fighter
Guest (Most likely Spawn)


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I anticipate MK9 characters showing up because a lot of fan favourites didn't make it on the main roster. And of course our beloved guest characters.