Power Stone

Power Stone had BETTER change their graphics and fighting game style! Not throwing boxes and other items and all.

I want a power stone charge! Not collecting 3 stones.

Nice!!! The long, almost forgotten Power Stone. I can't wait to play it again.

I hope Mel will be playable. She was fun to play as.
Yeah. Gotta get my Power Stone back on. Wang Tang, Rouge and Galuda were my favorites to use in that game. Number 3 coming out in the future?? About damn time!!

Also, have anyone saw the Power Stone anime?? It was cute, even though the season was very short.
It really took 10 posts to ask for proof :laugh:

Capcom isn't doing anything with Powerstone. They may port it to the marketplace/psstore but they're not going to HDify it. And they damn sure aren't making a third game.