Post Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament Karachi Pakistan September 2013


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Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament happen in Karachi Pakistan 1st September 2013.In this tournament we had 2 Team Thunder Warriors and Freezing Rage both team have 4 players along with one Leader and both team also have 10 Koins and each player can maximum 3 koins and minimum 2 koins.

Thunder Warriors

Freezing Rage

see below is Thunder Warriors Team setup

MKRayden (Leader) i had a 3 koins
Prince Jr. had a 3 koins
Prince Sr had 2 koins
Shazaib had a 2 koins

below is Freezing Rage Team setup
Rockywild (Leader) had a 2 koins
Nabeel Cero had a 3 koins
Pain had a 3 Koins
Baksu had a 2 koins

Tournament Rules

  1. One Player cannot play all koins at the same time if one of the team member loose he has to move and the next player of the team will replace him as soon the player looses its the captain wish to send the new player or the same player who loose earlier in his team.
  2. Player can not be replaced or retire an any case until he looses.
  3. Game character can not be changed once selected until the player looses.
I also added Points and Scoring

Each Koins Winners is 10 points
Each Koins Loser is -5 points

Flawless Victory is 15 points

I also put PDF file link for your reference, I merge the videos watch below

MKRayden (Noob and Raiden) vs (Pain Cyrax) (Nabeel cero liu) (baksu sektor)

Prince Jr.(Kunglao) vs Pain (Cyrax) Nabeel cero (Liu) Baksu (Sektor)

Shazaib (Kitana). vs Rockywild (Sheeva)millena pain cyrax rockwyild Mileena

Prince sr.(Noob) Vs Rockywild (Ermac) Pain (Cyrax)