Poll: Should NRS Let/make us...

Would you prefer the current online records be kept or wipe the slate clean?

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The 6host

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Let me start of by saying I don't put much stock in online ranking with all the loop holes and boosters out there. Most here are willing to admit the ranking system is pretty flawed atm and some of our records are not being reflected properly. Wins counting as losses, respect points disappearing and so on. I logged on a few days ago and after a 4 win tag streak, 2 losses and finally a disconnect and they were all gone and the D/C had moved to 1v1 player match.

I've been avoiding the ranked matches for a few reasons. Mainly waiting for the patch in hopes it would make the matches more about true to skill and less about input delay and how well my connection is with my opponent. As I stated above, I don't really care much for ranking but I would like it to accurately reflect how well I'm doing on the boards.

Just wanted to get a feel for how you all felt about the state of the issue...

Edit: Just to clarify, this poll is for after the patch that will correct some of the online issues.
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You should add a "who cares" option. I don't see much point in worrying about how you rank or even your win/lose ratio. Once things get settled online I predict the best players will find each other through the chat room system and practice together. I only care about the quality of the opponent. I plan on using my online experience and practice to compete in tournaments.
NRS really should change the records in player matches to simply show as games played and disconnects. With how easy it is to fake thats about all it means anyway. For example; played a guy today with a record of 1100-90, he wasn't very good...