Please reset online stats


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So apparently the rage-quit bug has been fixed but the damage has already been done to a lot of people.

Now I know that many say, 'Who cares about rank and online stats etc?' but it's the principle. People don't deserve loads of disconnects and losses when they didn't warrant them.

Plus resetting stats is always funny because all those morons who spent days and nights boosting their IDs and cheating to get to the top of the leaderboard will have to do it all again. :)


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Well what of everyone else?
Surely the company wouldn't be like, "EVERYONE GETS A RESTART ON STATS!! Except YungQ94, he's da shit!!"


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I remember when I first got InJustice, and I never played Anyone yet.
I failed miserably with the characters at first. My card is full of loss, though I trained with Harley Quinn. ._.
Now I went from beginner to at least medium/hard skill with Harley.