Play as Tanya RIGHT NOW (Xbox One)


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Tanya got released hours before her official release date and is available to play right now, at least on Xbox one, I'm not sure about PS4.

For those who have the Kombat Pack, simply go to the in game store, click on Kombat pack and a prompt will appear saying "You already own Kombat Pack", click on Install and Tanya/Klassic Skins should start downloading.

Have fun! :) I've been using her in the lab for about an hour and I really think she's going to be my new main, while poor Mileena has move down to #2


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why cant we PC people get nice stuff like that once tho t.t


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Her look and gameplay havent changed.

Just as I figured.
The Story Mode footage was likely pre-rendered.
A game with pre-rendered backgrounds is forced to use fixed camera angles, and a game with pre-rendered video generally cannot reflect any changes the game's characters might have undergone during gameplay (such as wounds or customized clothing) without having an alternate version of the video stored.

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Confirming that this is legit and does work, first try. Thanks

Thoughts on her so far:

-Low Spin Kick is an okay mixup but VERY punishable on block (-36) and doesn't lead to a combo afterwards. even with the EX version. Same applies to Flip Kick but it's overhead and -24 on block.

-Tonfa Toss is decent. About as fast as Kano's knives (not the cybernetic ones) and hits high. EX version has a boomarang effect like Jade's Glaive.

-Her Tonfa Swipe is similar to the rekkas in KI. DF2 is the first hit then you can link to DF1 and back to DF2 like a combo string using special moves. Can be EX for more damage and the last DF2 can be EX for a launcher.

-I think the best thing she has going for her so far is her teleport. She lowers to the ground similar to Takeda but teleports upward diagonally either forwards or backwards. She can also teleport in the air. Very good for set ups. especially when you do a forward teleport into her air spin kick for an overhead or her air flip kick for a low. Her X-Ray is activated in the air so you can also do that after a teleport.

-Her F3 is an overhead and you can hold it to delay it a little longer. Leads to a pop up when fully held down. You can also cancel out of it.

-She has some decent strings with overhead/low mixups. B1D2 is overhead then low and quick but doesn't lead to combo. B1 2+4 is overhead and can be cancelled into her Tonfa Swipe or into a throw to reverse positions.

-Dragon Naginata variation has a Flea move like Yoshimitsu where Tanya will sit on the pole vertically. From there she has mixup options. This variation has the best mixups and shenanigans. Very interesting stuff.

-Pyromancer variation is pretty basic. It gives you different ground or air fireballs that look like cheesy kreate-a-fighter specials like Dualist Liu Kang. Also gives you a move that puts the enemy in a purple aura and fireballs do significantly more damage to them during that time. Not a bad variation but kind of boring unless you just want to throw fireballs all day.

-Her Fatalities are a little lame. Just the generic hole through the head and/or chest and both fatalities could be done by any character in the game.

overall she seems good so far. She has lots of options and set ups.
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Did Raiden's X-ray on Tanya, and on her way up she screams like she's having fun. Made me lol. I recommend it.

And Tanya is a confirmed badass.

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Xbox master race ;)

Although I don't care enough for her to download her now, will soon for Klassic Skins though if they're available too.


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Man. [MENTION=6310]Tanyas Husband[/MENTION] I take back EVERYTHING I EVER said bad about Tanya. I'm sticking with my girl Kitana as my main, but Tanya is gonna be a close second. She's such a beast.