Place your bets on the next DLC character(s)

Which DLC characters will be released?

  • Story Pack (Baraka, Rain, Sindel)

    Votes: 28 34.6%
  • Kombat Pack II (2x MK, 2x guest)

    Votes: 11 13.6%
  • Rain (free for Kombat Pack owners?)

    Votes: 24 29.6%
  • Fujin

    Votes: 48 59.3%
  • Sareena

    Votes: 16 19.8%
  • Li Mei

    Votes: 17 21.0%
  • Smoke

    Votes: 9 11.1%
  • Cyrax

    Votes: 3 3.7%
  • Frost

    Votes: 8 9.9%
  • Individual guest character (Alien, Terminator...)

    Votes: 5 6.2%

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This thread isn't about who we want to see, but who we feel is the most likely form of DLC now the Kombat Pack is finished.

So, Kombat Pack owners get Tremor and the Klassic Pack #2 tomorrow, and we'll probably see the Klassic Fatalities #2 in the near future as well. At the end of Tremor's trailer we see the 'Who's Next?' tag is back, strongly suggesting at least one more DLC character. On top of that, Boon has consistently dropped hints at various characters since the start -- in particular Rain and Fujin, although at least one such tweet has since been deleted.

His latest random hint could reference either Alien or - more subtly, given the text (blew, God, Air) - Fujin.

Whilst we all have DLC wishlists of our own, certain characters are far more likely to appear than others. For example, whilst I have always thought Havik would look and play amazing in MKX, I very much doubt that will ever happen. He's a safer bet for MK11, or simply not at all.

Which character - or characters - do you think will be announced next, and why? Will Boon's comment on a 'Story Pack' come to anything, or will we just get a couple of extra individual characters like with Injustice?
I'm going with Fujin. Judging by the amount of people wanting Fujin now that we have Tanya (don't forget Predator who was heavily requested) and Tremor. NRS listened to the fans with the last batch of DLC so if there's more to come, I'd assume the top requests will be their pick.
Fujin, it's gotta be.

Honestly, I doubted there would be any more DLC until I saw the "Kombat Pack Final?" that Ed Boon tweeted. But If I had to guess, I'd say Fujin by far.

And if there's another guest character, I would be pissed.
Honestly, I doubted there would be any more DLC until I saw the "Kombat Pack Final?" that Ed Boon tweeted.
Yeah, I thought that was a curious tweet. The '?' was no accident, surely.

I voted for Rain (free) and Fujin based on popularity, various hints, their in-game appearance and gameplay potential. It's probably really naive to say this, but I just have this sneaking feeling that they're going to release Rain as a free bonus for Kombat Pack owners, and then have him as individual (paid) DLC for everyone else. Boon said they didn't want to release the same character as DLC twice, but Rain is portrayed so brilliantly in MKX and has surely the greatest fan demand of any potential DLC character (objectively speaking, just in term of the number of tweets and threads I see asking for characters, it's usually either Rain or Fujin) that NRS would be foolish to ignore him, and by releasing him that way it seems like a sensible compromise.

As for Fujin, I'm cautiously optimistic.

FYI this poll will expire in 30 days, but we should know something by then.
I'm really Really REALLY Positive we're gonna get Fujin in the next KP. I mean come on, all we got so far is 2 guest characters, 1 "new" character (tremor is technically a new character right?), and Tanya. Out of 4 DLC, the only "returning" character is Tanya.
I think we are all agreeing above that if there were more DLC characters, Fujin is a must have.

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Honestly, I feel like if we weren't going to have any more DLC, they would've said by now. I'd be pissed if they said it after hinting towards more characters.
I really don't see how anyone can determine there's going to be another DLC character in the near future, and I truly believe there won't be any, but if by any chance there will be another character or pack, Fujin is obviously a shoe-in, personally i'd gladly welcome any MK4 newcomer, whether it's Fujin, Reiko, Kai or Jarek.
I'm pretty sure/hoping it's going to be the story pack and it will include 2 or 3 characters and Fujin will be one of them.
If I were to decide the 4 next characters, these would be my votes from the most likely to the least probable:

1st FUJIN: he already is in the game with a new design. High demand. There's really no reason not to release him as DLC.

2nd ALIEN: if there is a new pack, a guest will be in it for sure. Alien is humanoid, they can easily design it into X. Too much hype for a Predator versus Alien.

3rd LI MEI: if there's a female, she has the highest chances to be in it. She has a brand new detailed outfit in X and she is one of the best redesigns from the 3D era characters. Also, in terms of gameplay, she has potential for a kung fu chick in the game.

4th RAIN: very slim chances, but they're there. There was no reason for Rain not to be included in X initial roster other than NRS not wanting him to. His new redesign is far too awesome not to use it.
Fujin and Rain have high chances.
For the other side. I want to see Reiko and Havik (both appears in the MKX comics ).
I hope both As returning characters.
To be honest, i dont want to see more (mk9) returning characters to MKX. Theres some cool post MK4 characters that needs to return.
Fujin and Rain have high chances.
For the other side. I want to see Reiko and Havik (both appears in the MKX comics ).
I hope both As returning characters.
To be honest, i dont want to see more (mk9) returning characters to MKX. Theres some cool post MK4 characters that needs to return.
Yeah, I always get very confused with people requesting a character like Smoke. There's no need for Smoke in X. If it were up to me, I'd simply avoid any revenant character. Being absent for one game won't kill Smoke. The only MK9 character I want to return really is Rain for many reasons, even though I simply don't believe they'll do it.
As for Guess character..
I think on Alien...but the problem is....we have Predator VS alien. but no Jason vs Freddy....
Maybe a t-800 or Robocop could work..
I doubt there will be a Kombat Pack 2, but I have hope for at least one more character. Fujin seems like the clear choice and I am definitely okay with that.

If a miracle happens and we get 2 then I'm just going to assume it'll be a female character taking that second slot. I have absolutely no idea why people want Li Mei though. I cringe every time I see that horrible character in the older MK games. I know NRS can completely overhaul her, but idk, just based on the NPC's that are in story mode, I think I would prefer Sareena getting a chance to shine.
I just want Fujin in this game.
F*** the rest.
If Fujin is in this game as DLC, that'll Probably be the ONLY reason that I drop predator as being 1 of my mains.
"Who's next" doesn't suggest new characters, it's a question of "who's the next person I'll remove his head with a fatality" it's just that.
If they'll make another pack, I'm sure Fujin will be included. He's one of two of the most demanded character with the other being Reiko. (Unless it's Havik?)

But for me, my personal want is Frost.
Since this is who we think will be additional DLC (instead of who we want), I'm going with Baraka, Sareena, Rain, Sindel. I just feel this being the case. I really think they're reserving Bo Rai Cho, Li Mei and Frost for MK11. Along with Shujinko and Shang Tsung. It just makes more sense. They'll update them and make them badass for the next game. MKX is simply not their game. As DLC they would feel slightly out of place.

Baraka makes a lot of sense - his last game, already a fightable NPC, somewhat larger role, some fan demand. Rain - fightable NPC, somewhat larger role, large fan demand. Sindel - fightable NPC, somewhat larger role, some fan demand. Sareena - out of all the cameos her's made the most sense (there's more to her in terms of story/events), minor role, growing fan demand, wild card (she's the next Tremor/Skarlet).

On one hand I feel like there won't be any more DLC characters. On the other I feel like they'll eventually do it and milk the game due to how well it's doing. It will boil down to how active the community is. But if they do 4 more characters, I'm betting on these. As for the "Who's Next?", it's there mainly 'cause it's the tagline of the game. Although it could be a hint. Nobody denied another pack yet.

Oh and check my new sig. Demon Tits incoming :D
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