PIC: Series 3 of 5: Mileena

Malitor Greymaulkin

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MK Female Character Series (3 of 5)

Here is another in the series. Not happy with this style yet, but I think the head and mask turned out great.



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Well for starters the head is waaay too big for the body. The left eye is set angled up too high. Its in the right place more or less just don't take it up so high as you draw it. Its doesn't match the other so well. The look in the eyes is okay so for heaven's sake don't change it.

The left forearm is too short. And doesn't match the right side in side.

the ear looks really funny and don't take it as an insult, but makes me laugh. :lol:

Good thing is the hips suit the style

The shoulders are nicely drawn.

The legs look like they may just be too fat and the right leg needs some placement problems sorted out (looks too far forward on the hip).

The right breast is okay but the left looks too far over. It almost rest UNDER the armpit (which I had five attempts at spelling before I stopped spelling it 'armpuit' :lol: ).

Lastly... The hair needs some work.


Nice attempt, but really too many mistakes. Come on Mal, you can do better. We all know that. :wink:

Malitor Greymaulkin

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Thanks for the comments. As you can tell, I didn't spend much time on the sketch.. less than 5 minutes. The good thing is, if I decide to ink it.. I can fix the proportion problems really easy. I've found by using the Pen tool in Photoshop, you can make small changes really easy without having to redraw the whole thing.