Patch Notes for Tuesday the 21st


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Maybe it just shows up if you buy the season pass, because I remember at one point seeing it in the PS store, though now that I think about it it also said free lol.

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You can still use Ares' reset, they just have more options to get out now.

Pre-patch: 112~D4, JIP2, B+23, MB Close God Smack, B+3, (Begin again from JIP2)
Post-patch: 112~D4, JIP2, B+23, F+12, MB Close God Smack, F+23~B4.

Pre-patch does 61% and can be looped, and post-patch does 68% but can't be looped. You can still do the old reset if they don't tech roll B+23. If they do, you can do a mid MB God Smack and get them with that.

It can still be abused, it's not really fixed.

I don't agree with the Green Arrow nerf.
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