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6:17 p.m.

I know he's on his way here. The poor, deluded boy scout Chris Redfield and his nuisance of a partner, Sheva Alomar. I've done some looking in on her, some research if you might say. She's a viable threat but Chris himself is the problem. Little does he know, I've have quite the...trump card waiting for him. An old friend. Technically, an old friend of mine as well if you really look into it. Excella suggested that I dispose of her after the testing was complete but I've found other uses for her. If it wasn't for her, my work wouldn't be at the standing it is now. Raccoon City may have been destroyed but some of it still lingers around. Physical evidence lingered inside her body. And with that evidence, my advancement with Uroboros has been unreal. No, it has been godlike. After all, with this kind of power, I won't be anything less than a god. I'm ending this journal entry as I know that Chris is on his way. I will contact Excella to meet me in the Monarch Room so Chris can enjoy the pleasure of our reunion. Albert Wesker, signing off.

6:20 p.m

Has it been months? Years? Decades? I stopped counting a long time ago. After your body has been a puppet for such a long time, you begin to lose hope. I remember that fateful day where I almost sacrificed my own life to save Chris's. Now that I remember it, sometimes I wish the fall would have killed me. Wesker did save my life but not for my intentions. I am nothing to him. Nothing more than a lab rat. He performed experiments on me almost 24/7. He said something about my body containing antibodies. But what do I care, nothing is going to make the difference.

I can't remember the last time I had a good meal. I've never been hungry but I am fed this slop that looks like something you'd see in a fitness magazine. And of course, I'm eating it against my will. The last time I could control my body was before he put this device on my chest. I don't know what it's doing but I can't do anything about it. Few times I just resisted a little bit before he put me back into place. He doesn't take care of me either. My hygiene is borderline substantial. He strips me and throws me in a room before simply throwing a bucket of soap and water on me. The man doesn't even let me dry myself, just grabbing me and throwing this same suit onto me. I'll never make it out of here. I haven't seen a single sign of rescue yet and I doubt Chris knows where I am. If only I could reach out to him.

Sympathy isn't popular around here either. I haven't received a single amount, not even from Wesker's partner, Excella who is almost equally as cruel as him. When Wesker shows great interest in me she simply spits in my face when he leaves and I can't do anything about it. She's even beaten me before, due to jealousy and came up with crazy excuses as to why I was littered with bruises.

6:42 p.m.

Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar had finally reached the Monarch Room, finding no one other than Excella Gionne.

Sheva aimed her gun at her fiercely, shouting, "Excella Gionne! Put your hands in the air! Surrender!"

Excella just clapped her hands together, turning around slowly, showing that she would not follow her orders. She had a surprise for them that was to be shown in just mere seconds. "What could you two want? I'm busy here."

Chris became extremely frustrated at Excella's carefree, devilish attitude. "Damn it, where is Jill?! ANSWER ME!"

"Jill? Maybe I'll tell you, maybe I won't." Excella gave Chris a smug grin, looking beyond him, making Chris turn around to see what her attention was focused on.

A hooded figure flew at Chris and before he could properly aim his handgun at it, the figure kicked him in the chest, bringing him to the ground. After grounding him, the figure jumped in the air and performed a hurtful double knee drop, granting him great pain. Sheva gasped and was about to fire at the figure when it delivered a quick roundhouse to her hand, forcing her to drop her handgun. The figure then jumped at her, landing on top of her, wrapping her head between her thighs. Sheva struggled to break free but the figure simply jerked to the side, snapping her neck, killing her instantly.

"SHEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Chris screamed, as Sheva's lifeless body fell to the floor with a blank expression on its face. Chris clenched his teeth and was about to fire at the figure when he suddenly noticed someone in the corner of his eye and heard, "Poor Chris. You just lost your second partner."

Chris turned around and looked up to see his former S.T.A.R.S Captain, Albert Wesker, walking down the stairs with a smirk on his face. "I can't have you interfering in my work Chris. Your partners death was, necessary."


Wesker just laughed and said, "I thought you'd be more happy to see us."


"So slow to catch on." Wesker walked over to the hooded figure and grabbed her cloak, pulling it off as Chris lowered his pistol in pure shock.

His former BSAA partner, Jill Valentine stood before him. Her hair was longer than ever before, showing that it had not been cut since the day she fell off the cliff by the Spencer Estate. Her skin was a little worn and her hair and eye color were completely different, pale blue and pale blonde, respectively. She was wearing a blue battle suit that had signs of wear with a few rips and tears. Some areas of blue were also faded. It was obvious that this was the only outfit she wore all these months. Her facial expression was a mix of false anger and real lifelessness.


The Jill all the way at the bottom, obviously.


Credit to Pekepeke for the artwork

"Jill? Jill it's me, Chris!"

"I'll leave you two to your little, reunion. Be sure to catch up."

Chris was about to yell at Wesker when suddenly Wesker used his superhuman abilities to dash to the exit, leaving the room in mere seconds. Chris cringed in anger when he turned back to Jill who was stills staring at him. "Jill, c'mon. Let's go. We've got to stop him!" Chris walked up to her and tried to grab her wrist but she retaliated by grabbing his and flipping his entire body, getting him on the floor. Chris was completely astonished by her new strength before getting back up and brushing himself off, saying, "I guess I have to take you back the hard way!"

Jill hissed like a rattlesnake at Chris, gesturing with her index finger to try and get her. Chris aimed his pistol at her before she suddenly dashed to the side and ran up the wall, clinging to it like a spider. Chris knew he couldn't use his pistol because he couldn't kill his former partner, not after all they've been through.

"Jill! Listen to me! I know you're in there! You have to fight it! Jill! Jill Valentine! I'm talking to you!"

Jill hissed at him against and drew the two sub-machine guns from her sides, aiming them at him, causing him to roll into cover behind one of the six pillars as she sprayed a barrage of bullets at him. The bullets cracked some of the stone but the pillar provided good cover for the BSAA agent. Chris was in a huge predicament. He had no idea how to reach Jill's true mind and he could hardly fight back since he was weapon restricted. He was about to assess the situation when Jill's foot met the side of his face. Chris staggered back before she performed her arrow kick, digging into his chest with her heel. Chris tried to grab her ankle but Jill then kicked his hand away and kicked the bottom of his chin with an immense force, sending him upward. As her was airborne, Jill ran towards him and grabbed his arm, performing a cartwheel, slamming him to the ground and landing next to him, putting his arm into a submission grapple.

Chris shouted in pain as Jill stretched his muscles with all her force. "Jill! Don't do this! Jill valentine!" The woman stared at him with an expression of disgust before jerking her arm quickly, breaking his. Chris shouted at the top of his lungs, in more pain than he could imagine. Jill held him down and reached for her sub-machine gun, pulling it out of its holster. She pressed the barrel directly onto his forehead, looking him straight in the eye.

"Goodbye, Chris Redfield." Jill pulled the trigger, sending a bullet through his skull, killing him instantly, stopping his struggles and thrashing. It was over. Chris Redfield was finished.

7:53 p.m.

It's been around an hour since I killed Chris. My one last chance of hope, now gone. I know that the BSAA isn't coming either. They must have been all wiped out because if they hadn't been, they would have had backup. I can't even cry at the loss of my best friend. My body is not in my control...still. Wesker left me in some sort of container. I'm surprised he even came back for me. I think we're on some sort of ship because I can hear the faint sound of drifting waters. Nothing matters to me anymore. I hope my body just fades away after having killed two people. Two people, that were trying to save me from this hellish prison. Wesker is probably plotting some sort of evil plan that I can't even attempt to thwart. Chris...I'm sorry you died in vain. I really am. Hopefully, we can meet in the next life....Love...Jill...Valentine.
8:35 p.m.

I have no idea what's going on. I woke up, having fell asleep a little while ago. But I'm not in the same container. I don't think I'm even on the ship anymore. I'm actually in a sack, or a bag of some sort. My body is trying to break free but to no avail. I can also hear someone with a heavy accent. A heavy African accent. He must be a guy too. Probably just one of those zombies, or Majini or whatever. I'm starting to become an empty soul. I feel that I just have no purpose in life. Just tie the bag and throw me into the river, please. I'm begging you. I want an exit from this nightmare...
Damn :|

Just wow, that was some emotional writing right there. I'm liking what you are doing with this, keep it up :top:
This is.. Sad, but +10 for killing Chris, and wait.. Uroboros was a success then since Chris and Sheva are dead? o-o
Alright, I'm just gonna say it.


Josh Stone is the man.

I figured he'd find Sheva dead and want revenge, going after Wesker. Well, not Wesker himself but you know, just the source in general.

He found Jill Valentine on the ship, in the container and he's rescuing her.

The rest is up to your imagination.
Bro.. Why didn't you say he was a RE character. I thought it was some secret reference to some video or some shit. I hate you.

My friend actually thought I wrote this because of my Chris Redfield hatred but nah, this be legit, non-biased story writing.

Okay, maybe I did like killing off Sheva.

You monster! She's the best character in the series and is empowering to women.. How could you!