OXM gives MK vs DC an 8.5!


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While it's still a week away, Official Xbox Magazine published their early review of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe! They gave the game a 8.5! That's awesome!

Their positive notes uncluded...

+ The characters and arenas look great!

+ We welcome the return of the no-nonsense fighting similar to MKII and MK3 of old!

Their one negative note was...

- Lack of unlockables, mini-games, extra characters, ect.

So far so good!
Eh, i guess to the casual gamer it is. But those guys dont play fighters, so all i can say is....let me get my hands on it first, and i'll let you know what I think ;)

Thanks as usual Tim. I look forward to your review.

I'm still boycotting this game because it has DC characters. But I suppose an analysis of the fighting engine would be nice.
ahhhh this makes me even more excited for the game!! I'm so glad the fighting style is similar to the old games.
There we have it guys. GOLD!

Yeah, that article has me hyped, but I always have that thing in the back of my head that wont let me get TOO excited. But hearing that just made me grin, ear to ear :-D:-D:-D
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