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I have only played one game of competitive mode. With the kind of internet connection that I have right now, I don't want to cost not only me to suffer penalties, but also my teammates. Once I move out of my parents' house, I should be good to go. But from everything that I've seen and heard so far, I think that the best decision they made was the one hero per user.

A friend that I play with said that they fought a team of Bastions and Torbs and it was just a waste and not happy that he lost because the opposing team just decided to do that. I'm glad that they gave Ana more bullets to her gun and I think they gave her like a speed boost or something, she feels really fast when I shoot consecutively. I've also noticed that people barely play Hanzo after all these hitboxes got toyed with. Now he's like... useless. And McCree, well, I don't think I need to say anything about the changes with him. I'm playing a lot more with him just because he's really freaking fun, and I want to work on his ultimate timing better as well. I rush in with it too much.

I would like to play competitive, but right now I just can't with the internet I have :/


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Want to share two fun matches:

We made the other team quit. Only like, one or two people from the beginning stayed, everyone else just... I think this was awesome,

Also, this match... Let's just say an all Lucio fight in Ilios will just never end. Haha, it's a bit of a long video, that's how long the match was :-D I think yesterday was "All One Hero Day" because that's what we kept fighting against. It got annoying after this match, mostly because we got burnt out fighting all Lucios and such... But I will say this was fun.

Although you still can't hear me on Discord yet you can hear everyone else which is really bugging the crap out of me for unknown reasons.

Also!!!! Overwatch: First Strike will be out this November digitally, it's the first in their graphic novel series that will show us the beginning of Overwatch. With this, the datamined stuff, oh boi :D
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McCree should be a Pharah-killer but without damage drop-off at distances he just becomes too much.






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Whoa whered you find these images? I hope these become skins because I really like the Lucio and Zarya ones.

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Anyone been following the "alternate reality" going on? Blizzard have been dropping many hints and secret messages. Pretty cool, but people solving this stuff... idk what to think


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After ridiculous amounts of grinding between me and the gf, I finally got the one thing I wanted out of this event. The oh-so glorious prize of Junkrat's new highlight intro. I also unlocked nearly every item for Symetra in the process lol

Very very disappointed to find out that Speedo Roadhog is only a spray. I was hoping so hard that it'd be a skin


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Yeah, Sombra is somewhat hidden in the Summer Games trailer during Lucio's new highlight intro.

Kinda interesting.

Also, this just happened to me (no audio though)
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