[MENTION=16500]Kitty_55[/MENTION] Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Nuts are about to be busted to that new Widowmaker skin.

Also Blackwatch Genji and Mcree? Gawdayum. Pre Fall Reinhardt and Mercy? Good Lord?

Pre Fall Torblorn?


Get 'er done
I got the skins I want. Widow, McCree and Mercy. I do want Tracer's, but A.) I don't have 3000 coins anymore and B.) I don't know why it's legendary.

It's cute, buuuuuuut, I'd rather have it pop randomly.

I also have both of Torb's and Orisa's skins. But I don't play as them as much so I don't care.

Soldier and Pharah's emotes are also what I got, and I'm aiming on getting D.Va's highlight into since Torb's is already in my possession.

They tossed out some good stuff this time around. Hanzo, Sombra and Zarya are the next heroes to get some new skins.

Yay.... Hanzo -_-
I can't download the most recent overwatch patch because of an error
any tips on how to fix this?
can't play overwatch atm because of this
Maybe go to settings, network, test internet connection and see how that works for you

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^ I tried
I just read somewhere you need 12 as much memory space on your ps4 in order to download this patch
that's really weird
I always seem to get awesome skins for characters that I never use from loot boxes lol

I really want that younger Ana skin. Just have to save up I guess. Luckily, Anubis for Pharah (my main) is cheap, so I bought that one. :D
D.Va Police Skin Causes Issues With SJWs

This has to be, by far, the dumbest thing yet for Overwatch to face right now.

People are literally crying because of D.Va's police officer skin. I've been stating numerous times that I'm going to report any player who refuses to heal D.Va because of the skin, and I will get the rest of the team to follow as well. I cannot believe that a fictional character is getting so much heat over a skin that, in my opinion, is probably the best looking skin right now. I don't give a damn about your opinions about police officers, I really don't. But to sit here and threaten that you're going to make other Overwatch players suffer because they feel the need to have this OPTIONAL COSMETIC on, I refuse to tolerate players like that.

Seriously, this is so freaking stupid. Worst than Tracer's butt problem.
SJWs are ugly, unemployed bums who have nothing better to do than b!tch online about things they're offended by. They're also a vocal minority, and usually have 0 experience on the subject. Anyone who caters to them basically has no spine.

Never played OW, but I heard it's an SJW Paradise. I'd troll the shit out of them.
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It's a really stupid problem. There's far worst things in the world that's going on that could totally use the attention, but a cosmetic in a video game is more important I guess to these schmucks.
Got the Oni skin today, ready to get Police D. Va when she goes live.

Heroes of the Storm is not my type of game at all so I'm still annoyed.

D.Va joins Heroes. Her freaking Bunny Hop emote is her second special ability. I'm laughing way too hard at that :rofl:

Got her Police Skin too, wee woo wee woo wee woo!
this game is awesome! Winning a great game with excellent team coordination and everyone hyping each other up is a transcendent gaming experience that I haven’t found anywhere else.