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So the first day of Blizzcon, Blizzard announced a new game coming called Overwatch. It's a first-person shooter that's mainly about heroes battling in a world of conflict. I thought it was an interesting new game to the company since we're so accustomed to Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo. This is definitely an interesting change. (Of course, you have Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, but still)

I'm not sure how many you guys are Blizzard fans or if you are, have seen Blizzcon this year, so here's the link to the site, and hopefully we can have a discussion about this neat looking game.

Beta starts next year and it's said to have at least twelve characters available to be played. There's going to be more characters (I believe at least twenty) so yeah.



(Sorry for not updating during the reveal, this thread has been acting up on me real badly and I can never figure out what the heck was going on)

So couple of weeks ago, we have two brand new characters!



On the list of characters you can see:

Zarya and McCree

Here's the other characters in case you want to take a look at yourself:

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Never played a Blizzard game in my life (as far as I know lol) but this game looks incredible.
Every character looks so overpowered. It's great!

My dude Winston is looking too sexy though. Shoutouts to Hanzo and Reaper too.
Never played a Blizzard game in my life (as far as I know lol) but this game looks incredible.
Every character looks so overpowered. It's great!

My dude Winston is looking too sexy though. Shoutouts to Hanzo and Reaper too.

Yes with Winston. He's definitely the first character that impressed me a lot during the trailer. I get a Beast vibe for him though, not sure if anyone else does too.

I would, however, play as Mercy. Despite that I play as a damage casting character, I've always have a deep, deep interest in being the healer. And seeing how she can resurrect fallen players and give them their entire health back as her special, that seems pretty cool to do in a first person shooter.
Has Blizzard released any details on the specials?
I'm really curious about Reaper's. It looks kinda shitty compared to everybody else's.

I'm trash at competitive FPS games in general, and I've never played a class based one. So I'm probably going to go with the character who's best at going solo. I'm thinking Hanzo will probably be this guy.
As of right now, not yet. I'm not certain about this, but I'm going to assume maybe late December we'll get something since Beta is supposed to start up in January. I figured since Blizzcon happened last week, you have Warlords of Draenor being released this Thursday, stuff about this game isn't going to be discussed that much until the hype for Warcraft has lessened a bit.

But like I said, I don't know how certain that is, I could be wrong and they might have some info released next week. I'm usually bad at following Blizzard information. :-(
Overwatch looks DOPE. Im glad to hear that apparently everyone who tried it out at blizzcon says its fantastic and really fun.

All the character designs look sooooo ****ing good too. As of now Im most excited to play Reinhardt, Reaper, and Tracer.
I guess this is Bizzard's revenge on Valve for DOTA 2. They copy a bit of TF2 in Overwatch.

Regardless of that fact it looks interesting and I am looking forward to playing it. If it's F2P that is. Here's the gameplay trailer:

That reveal trailer with the pixar inspired characters sold me instantly. I just hope Overwatch comes to PS4.
Team Monday Night Pixar Fortress Combat?

But in all honesty, this does look pretty cool, maybe a little too glowey for my tastes, but I'll definitely check this out. Hanzo goes hard, and I want to see gameplay of the Clint Eastwood character.
As of right now, it's just for computers. But I don't think they would have a problem turning it for the consoles.
Ah, that guy. There is some similarites. But Hanzo, geez can't he look anymore like Mitsurugi?


There was a bit of controversy surrounding WindowWaker's trailer because when she put her googles on her butt grew bigger.

Of course some people complained and Blizzard's response was basically this...


To make her butt big at all times and remove the 'grow' feature.
Looks great imo.

You can see it here @ 5:29 (be sure to slow it down nice and slow...)
Why would it grow bigger when she put on the goggles? XD
That makes no sense.

I hope the cyber ninja gets announced soon:


He looks absolutely awesome. However, for the characters announced so far, Widowmaker and Reaper are my faves. ^^
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Has there been a confirmation that this will also be on PS4? I want a good shooter but Battlefront probably won't deliver.