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Shinnok's Fall From Grace.

Thousands of years ago, when all the realms were created, an Elder God, Shinnok desired to rule Earthrealm, which in turn would grant him immense power. However in order to do so without the other elder gods being aware, he created a powerful golden amulet which weakened the dimensional barriers and entered Earthrealm. During the war against his fellow Gods, he came directly in contact with Raiden and after hundreds of years; Raiden with the help of the Elder gods managed to defeat Shinnok and banish him to the Netherealm, stripping him of his amulet and Elder God status and confining him to eternal damnation.

A Trustworthy Ally.

In the Netherealm, Shinnok faced constant torture from Lucifer, the ruler of the Netherealm until he met the Sorcerer Quan Chi; who could travel the realms at will. With Quan Chi's, Shinnok overthrew Lucifer and took control of his throne and became the ruler of the Netherealm. He rewarded Quan Chi for his efforts with immense power, making him Arch Sorcerer of the Netherealm.

The Netherealm Revamped.

Together Shinnok and Quan Chi began building an army of Darkness with the inhabitants of the realm and also created a fanatical cult of demons known as the 'Brotherhood of the Shadow' dedicated to worshipping Shinnok.

Retrieval Of Shinnok's Amulet.

Years passed and Shinnok had amassed a large enough army to assault Earthrealm once again but without his Amulet he could not exit the Netherealm. However Quan chi was aware of Shao Kahn's need for a Sorcerer who could resurrect Sindel, his fallen Queen (formerly the Queen of Edenia before Kahn invaded it and claimed her as his wife after killing King Jarod) at Earthrealm so that he could cross over and invade it. Quan Chi with the help Shinnok promised to master the sorcery required for her resurrection in return for the information on Shinnok's amulet, the whereabouts of which were known to Shang Tsung.

The Amulet had been hidden in a Temple guarded by the four elemental Gods. Quan Chi enlisted the help of the Lin Kuei warrior Sub Zero and retrieved the Amulet. The quest was long and endearing, at this time Quan Chi started mastering the spell required to open a portal for Shinnok to exit with the help of the amulet.

A few years later, Quan Chi, having finally mastered the spell to resurrected Sindel, bought her back to life in Earthrealm and brainwashed her into serving Shao Kahn. With the resurrection of Sindel, Shao Kahn started invading Earthrealm. Shao Kahn had also formed a pact with Shinnok, for his allegiance in exchange for souls of all those who die in the battle.

Shinnok's 'Allegiance'.

Although Shinnok swore his allegiance to Shao Kahn, he merely saw it an opportunity to expand his army with the souls of powerful warriors such as Kung Lao, Kuai Lang, Jax, Nightwolf, Sindel, Smoke, Kitana, Jade, Stryker and Kabal and the souls of millions of other people that died in Earthrealm during Kahn's invasion. He was also aware of Shao Kahn's ignorance of the Elder God's prohibition against merger of the realms which had ultimately leaded to his defeat and death.

With the death of Shao Kahn and with Quan Chi in the final stages of opening the portal for his exit, Shinnok prepared himself and his armies for his all realm domination.


Rebuilding of Earthrealm.

Meanwhile back at Earthrealm, Raiden, Johnny Cage and Sonya, the sole survivors of the last battle tended to all the wounded.

Raiden instructed Sonya to report back to her superiors and explain to them the events that happened and track down Kano and exterminate the Black Dragon Clan, whose members were still wrecking havoc in the realm by attacking the law enforcements and supplementing the efforts of the remenants of the outworld invaders.

The Blind Swordsman.

While on the search for Kano, Sonya came across the blind rogue swordsman, Kenshi, who was also a participant in the previous Mortal Kombat tournaments and was on a mission to find the one who had blinded him and enslaved his ancestor’s souls. (Ever since he was blinded, the power of his ancestral sword and the power of the warrior in him helped him master the control of his other senses. During his training he discovered that he had an inbuilt ability of telekinesis. He nurtured and improved upon this ability and after a decade of training, he joined the Mortal Kombat Tournament in hopes of finding the betrayer and defiler of his ancestry). Sonya informed him that the one he was searching for was probably the Sorcerer, Shang Tsung, who has already been killed. Kenshi debated however, that his sword has still not sensed the freedom of his ancestor’s souls. Sonya agreed to help Kenshi solve his dilemma in return for his help in pushing back the Black Dragon clan. Kenshi readily agrees and helps the Special Forces exterminate the remnants of the Black Dragon and Tarkatan hordes that remained in Earthrealm.

Johnny Goes Beserk.

Ever since the death of Shao Kahn, Johnny Cage felt that he had lost control of body and his powers. Powerful bursts of energies started erupting from his body frequently destroying everything around him. Raiden did everything in his power to help stop the random spasms of energy bursts but to no avail. Desperate, Raiden transported Johnny to Seido, the Realm of Order and enlisted the help of Master Bo Rai Cho, to teach Johnny to control his power and to transform him into a powerful warrior. With the help of Bo Rai Cho, Johnny began his intense training and gradually started having control over his powers and his transformation began. His training was intense, he worked on his patience, control and his power.

The Forgotten Monk.

Meanwhile Raiden, went out on a mission to find capable and powerful warriors to reinforce the highly crippled Earthrealm defenses.

He first went searching for Kai, a Shaolin monk and former member of the White Lotus Society. This was a society which Raiden along with the Order of Light (an order of monks) created many years ago after the defeat and death of the Great Kung Lao by Goro, to select a group of champions from among the best fighters in the world, who would dedicate their lives to learning and understanding how to defend the independence of Earthrealm from the threat of other worlds. Kai had left the society to pursue his own goals of honing his skills and self enlightenment. He had journeyed to through Asia for many years and learnt many skills from numerous great masters.

Raiden found Kai meditating deep within the Himalayan Mountains. Raiden informed and explained to Kai all the events that had taken place. Kai was grief stricken on hearing that his Shaolin brothers and friends Liu Kang and Kung Lao were no more. Kai with his heightened sense of greater good and belief in the Elder Gods realized that Raiden had to do what he did to stop Liu Kang. Kai agreed to travel back with Raiden and train with him to help fight off and foreign future invasions.
The Adventurer-Warrior.

Next, Raiden along with Kai went searching for Shujinko, another former member of the white lotus society. As a young boy, Shujinko was a big fan of the Great Kung Lao and had always wished to join the Mortal Kombat tournament and fight Shang Tsung. He used to attend the martial arts classes that Master Bo Rai Cho conducted to help his village defend itself from outside threats. Master Bo Rai Cho saw a lot of potential in the young Shujinko and trained him personally to better his skills. With the help of Master Bo Rai Cho's training Shujinko gains enough confidence and approached the Master Shen,(a recruiting member for the White Lotus society at his village) wanting to join the society, eager to prove himself a worthy defender of his home. Shujinko was ordered by Master Shen to rid his village of a band of mystical warriors who had invaded earthrealm from another realm. His success would increase the likeliness of being nominated to represent the White Lotus in the Mortal Kombat tournament and thereby fulfilling his childhood desire. Though Shujinko succeeded in driving off the foreign invaders, Master Shen realized Shujinko's soul was tainted with an unexplainable evil which prevented him from representing the goodness and purity of the White Lotus.

During his early training with Bo Rai Cho, Shujinko was visited by a being known as Damashi, claiming to be an agent for the Elder Gods. Damashi entrusted Shujinko with the mission of finding sacred relics known as the 'Kamidogu', one of each found in every realm. To aid him with the quest, Damashi mystically instilled in Shujinko, the enhanced ability to observe and then wield the combat abilities and powers of warriors he came across. Shujinko then left his village and trained with Master Bo Rai Cho for many years till he reached adulthood and learnt every skill his master had to teach. Done with his training Shujinko continued on his quest for finding the Kamidogu of Earthrealm. He joined the Lin Kuei and helped them defeat their rival clan, The Shirai Ryu. The Lin Kuei was conducting an ambush on the Shirai Ryu, who were on a mission to find a rogue member who left the clan. It was a small group of the Shirai Ryu, made up of ten warriors and assassins. The Shirai Ryu had not known that the clan member that left the clan was taken hostage by the Lin Kuei. The Lin Kuei stripped the member of his clothes and donned it upon one of the fastest runners of The Lin Kuei, Hayai. They also took his map and found out where the Shirai Ryu was meeting that night. Hayai was instructed to run across the designated area where the 10 Shirai Ryu were meeting and have them chase him. The Shirai Ryu fell for the trap and Hayai led them right into the clutches of the Lin Kuei. Hayai was fast enough to dodge arrows and other weapons so this was no problem. When the Shirai Ryu were ambushed, there was no chance. The Lin Kuei killed them all without losing one of their ranks. This win for the Lin Kuei could be thanked by Shujinko, who thought of the plan himself.

Later he was asked to retrieve an artifact from a Red Dragon hideout which was in fact the Kamidogu of Earthrealm. He travelled to their compound, located in the mountains. Shujinko went through very stealthy, a technique he learned from the Lin Kuei. Once retrieved, he exited Earthrealm and placed the Kamidogu on its pedestal at the Nexus and continued on his quest to find the Kamidogu of Netherealm.

The deeds of Shujinko during his time with the Lin Kuei, tainted his soul enough for him traverse the plains of the Netherealm without a problem. During his travels in the Netherealm he came across a demon slayer by the name, Ashrah, who was being pursued by members of the Brotherhood of Shadow. Ashrah was a former member of the Brotherhood, who was being pursued by them for disobeying the orders of Quan Chi and slaying many of its members with her heavenly sword, 'The Kriss'. Shujinko helped fend off the demons and in return Ashrah taught him the art of demon slaying. It wasn’t only skill that it took to kill demons. It was the will. Through watching Ashrah in the battle and learning from her, he developed the skills to become a Demon slayer. However Quan Chi sensed Shujinko's presence in the Netherealm and he too was pursued by the Brotherhood. Ashrah and Shujinko together fought off many of the Brotherhood, but there were too many. Ashrah Spin Cycled through dozens of the Brotherhood. While Shujinko bested one brother at a time with his martial arts. But, still there were too many. So Shujinko started freezing them, to no avail. Ashrah quickly instructed,”Shujinko, you must leave. Now!” Shujinko obeyed and ran into the portal that separated the Netherealm and The Nexus.

It was here where Raiden along with Kai found Shujinko and helped him fight off the few demons who dared followed him to the Nexus. Raiden fried five of them at once with his electricity. While Kai shot white fire above one brother and under another. After the fight, Raiden then asked Shujinko's assistance to help him preserve and protect Earthrealm and secure it. Shujinko, realizing that the safety of his home is of more importance at the moment, abandons his quest for the time being and travels back to Earthrealm with Raiden. There Raiden begins personally training Shujinko and Kai preparing themselves for any unforeseen events that may occur.


The Return Of The King.

With Shao Kahn dead, Ermac the amalgam of souls created by Shang Tsung was no longer bound to the dead emperor. Anarchy erupted within Ermac, as the many warriors, whose souls comprised his being struggled for dominance. However only one soul had the strength and will to quiet the chaos erupting within Ermac. It was the soul of the former Emperor of Edenia, King Jarod. The shadow priests of Shao Kahn saw the transformation in Ermac and began to subdue him. However, he was freed from their grip by blind swordsman, Kenshi, who had intervened in the nick of time. Kenshi had travelled to Outworld in search for Kano under the instructions of Sonya. Ermac repaid Kenshi by helping him hone his telekinetic abilities and training him to use his abilities in kombat ,to feel the flow of energy between him and the objects they are moving and to embrace it.

With Ermac's inner conflict solved with the dominance of the soul of King Jarrod, he travelled to Edenia to reunite with his past. He was grief stricken to see that his realm was under a strict military regime and his people enslaved, ever since his death by the hands of Shao Kahn. Ermac then travelled to Earthrealm seeking Raiden to help free his realm and people. Raiden saw the transformation in Ermac and interacted with the soul of his once close ally and friend. He agreed to do all he can to help free his realm and suggested Ermac to travel to Outworld to negotiate peace talks with those who were in charge.

Ermac then travelled back to Outworld, seeking the freedom of his realm.

The New Emperess.

Back at Outworld, Mileena, Shao Kahn's 'true' daughter too was undergoing a transformation. The dark magic of Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung no longer held her mind in shackles. The insanity and rage which used to direct her actions were slowly beginning to fade. She began feeling the emotions of guilt, love, hatred like a normal being. Mileena then decided to undo all the unspeakable acts of the former emperor and claimed the throne of Outworld as new queen under the guidance of Goro, Kintaro and Sheeva. She together with the Shokan, began rebuilding the realm putting away the harsh rules of the dead emperor.

She was then approached by Ermac.

Ermac seeing the transformation in Mileena saw more hope in efforts to free Edenia and commended peace talks with her.

The Deceivers.

Meanwhile back at Netherealm, Quan Chi was in the final stages of opening the portal required for Shinnok's escape using the Amulet. He had also amassed a massive army of Netherealm Oni led by Drahmin and Moloch. He also entrusted the Brotherhood of the Shadow, the fanatical demon cult under Noob Saibot's leadership.

Unknown to Mileena, Shao Kahn's head general, Reiko had secretly allied himself with Quan Chi. During the invasion of Earthrealm Reiko was thought to have been killed in action. But he had escaped at the end of the battle into a portal that Quan Chi had created. Quan Chi entered the portal and let Reiko escape. He offered all his troops under his command to Shinnok, majority of which were transformed into demons to serve the Brotherhood headed by Noob. Shinnok offered him the dead emperor's helmet in return and also offered the position of Governor Militant in Outworld, once Shinnok was successful.

One of Shao Kahn's most loyal servant, Baraka too had approached Shinnok. He and his Tarkatan hordes would help Shinnok overrun Outworld which was now ruled by Mileena in return for Shinnok's help in defeating the Shokans who was always considered superior by the Shao Kahn and thus sidelining the Tarkatan with lesser privileges. The Tarkata harbored deep hatred and wished to vanquish the Shokan once and for all. Baraka held a special hate for Goro because he had his own throne room.

Reptile now without a master, roamed Outworld in search of more of his species (the Saurian’s). Quan Chi approached him and promised him that Shinnok would help him free his home world Zaterra and also would help him repopulate the world and bring it back to its former glories. Reptile readily agrees and travels back to Netherealm with Quan Chi, ready to serve his new master with unquestionable loyalty.

During the events of Sindel's resurrection, Motaro had been killed by Raiden. Quan Chi however secretly hid his body at Netherealm and performed the same sorcery on him which was used to resurrect Sindel. With Motaro Resurrected he brainwashed him into serving Shinnok who had planned to use Motaro's influence to get the centaurs to fight on his side.

Thus Reiko, leading the Corrupt Outworld Demon Warriors, Noob Saibot leading the Brotherhood of the Shadow, Baraka leading the Tarkatan hordes and Motaro leading the centaurs were the forces Shinnok planned to unleash on Outworld.

The Black Dragon and The Lin Kuei.

The Special Forces led by Sonya Blade had now a deeper understanding of the other realms and had setup a Xeno-Intelligence department specializing in neutralizing all other realm threats. In order to counter this, Quan Chi sought the help of The Black Dragon Clan headed by Kano. Kano agreed to help defeat this common foe with the help of the clan's advanced weaponry.

The Lin Kuei, lead by Sektor was hired by Quan Chi to help in the invasion of Earthrealm as well. Quan Chi told the Lin Kuei that Shujinko betrayed them and that he killed some of their warriors. This was not true, because Quan Chi had killed some of them to turn them into demons. Since Quan Chi left no trace, Sektor fully believed him. They offered their Cyber-Ninjas to the Brotherhood, turning them into cyber-demons to enhance their powers.

The Son Of Argus.

Shinnok meanwhile sought the help of Daegon, the son of the former Protector and God of Edenia. Millennia earlier, Daegon and Taven, (the sons of Argus and Delia, protectors of Edenia) were put to a contest by a parents to seek out a fire spawn named Blaze. They were put to a long sleep and were to be awakened by their guardian dragons when the time for their quest to begin would come. Daegon however, awoke prematurely due to an error committed by his guardian dragon named Caro. Daegon became unbalanced by the early awakening and confronted his parents about the true nature of his quest. He enlisted the help of Shinnok who manipulated him, telling him that his parents were aiding his brother. Once he found out what was needed he killed his parents and formed the Red Dragon Clan whose primary objective was to find Blaze. This was however, a clever planning on Shinnok's part to rid Edenia of the protection from Argus(which would later be the reason Shao Kahn invaded it with ease).

Daegon agreed to help Shinnok in return for Shinnok's help millennia ago. He enlisted Mavado, his most capable general to lead the Red Dragon clan and their Human-Dragon Hybrids (created from the DNA of Caro) as per Shinnok's wishes. Caro's ability to create portals to transport anyone anywhere would be off great use to Shinnok.

Although the 3 clans had their differences, Shinnok promised them equal share of Earthrealm if they co-operate and succeed in securing Earthrealm for him. Thus, Shinnok had The Lin Kuei led by Sektor, the Black Dragon led by Kano, and the Red Dragon led my Mavado to assault Earthrealm. He also had The Brotherhood of Shadow led by Noob and Reiko, the Centaurs led by Motaro and the Tarkatan hordes led by Baraka. On both sides, he also had The Oni led by Drahmin and Moloch, the Gargoyles and the Oni Warlord, prepare themselves for an important battle.

The Champ Resurrected.

However the most sinister of Shinnok's and Quan Chi's plan was the resurrection of the former Mortal Kombat Champion, Liu Kang.

Quan Chi saw the disadvantages using the sorcery used to resurrect Sindel and Motaro, and return Liu Kang to be former self. Liu Kang's conscience was too pure to be brainwashed or corrupted. Thus instead, he resurrected Liu Kang as a hell spawned spectre (in similar fashion to how Quan Chi resurrected Scorpion) whose conscience and souls was corrupt and only seeking vengeance on Raiden, who was responsible for the death of his friends and himself which, he believed led to the collapse of Earthrealm as well. Quan Chi also imbued a trance like spell into Liu Kang's mind, preventing him from viewing the reality and instead projecting hallucinations and images Quan Chi wished him see.

Quan Chi showed Liu Kang the Temples of Raiden, at Earthrealm. Liu Kang in a fit of rage and anger destroyed all the devotees and the temples in no time. The Temples were in fact, The Wushi Academy and The White Lotus Headquarters in reality, which Liu Kang failed to see under Quan Chi's spell.

Thus it begins
The Two Threats.

The only two threats that Shinnok faced now were Raiden and the Elder Gods. With Quan Chi finding finding a solution to subdue Raiden through Liu Kang, only the Elder Gods remained a threat. He learnt from the mistakes of Shao Kahn and thus decided to attack straight at the heart of the heavens, The Eternal Palace of the Elder Gods and get rid of them once and for all.

The Four Elemental Guardians.

Quan Chi finally finished opening the portal for Shinnok and with the help of Hell beasts (the strongest demons of the Netherealm) and deadly Gargoyles, he attacked the Eternal Palace of the Elder Gods.

On arrival at the palace, Shinnok and his minions came face to face with the Guardians of the Palace, the four elemental Gods of Wind, Fire, Water and Earth. (The elemental Gods were first tasked with protection of Shinnok's amulet by Raiden a few years ago. However with the Amulet was stolen, the Elder Gods appointed them as their Guardians to fend off any threats Heaven may face.)

Fujin, the wind God led the other Elementals into battle with Shinnok and his minions. The elementals fought well but were severely outnumbered and got overwhelmed quickly. Shinnok managed to break through the walls of the palace with the help of the Gargoyles. The Gargoyles flew and attacked the Palace Archers and killed them with ease. Shinnok instructed an Oni Warlord to break open the doors, and the Warlord did easily. The Oni’s ran into the palace with Drahmin and Moloch at the head. The Fire god Kasei and the Water God Mizu fought the two Oni’s with many Godly Warriors behind him. The Godly Warriors fought the Oni and Gargoyles. Kasei attacked Drahmin and gave many fierce kicks to his torso and gut. He soon became distracted when many other Oni’s attacked Kasei. He blew fire at them and killed nine of them at once. With nine oni dead, Kasei took a club to the chest to flatten him. While this is happening, Mizu fought Moloch. He could not inflict damage upon Moloch, so he decided to put his own strength against him. Many Oni now surrounded Mizu and Moloch. So Mizu blinded Moloch with great bursts of water and in a fit of rage, Moloch killed all the Oni surrounding him. Mizu dodged his deadly blows and dove to where Drahmin and Kasei were fighting and jump kicked Drahmin’s spine. Drahmin fell onto his knees, together Kasei and Mizu spewed fire and water onto him. Ripping his flesh open. With Drahmin’s flesh leaving him, and Kasei and Mizu watching, Moloch grabbed Mizu and threw him towards a group of Gargoyles and then smashed Kasei’s brains out with his Chained Rock Ball.

The whole time this was happening, Shinnok with his Elite Warriors busted through the next door. All that was left was an extremely tall pair of stairs. With one guard on every other stair, Shinnok instructed his Elite Warriors up the stairs. Moku the God of Earth stood atop the stairs. Shinnok teleported himself behind Moku and drew a deadly Purple Hand under Moku. The Hand grabbed Moku and threw him down the endless stairs.

Shinnok patiently waited atop all of the stairs. Only a quarter of his Elite Warriors were left standing, but soon the Oni and the Gargoyles returned as well. They were all battle weary, but Shinnok pushed on towards the Elder Gods. Shinnok had the rest of his army push on through the last golden door. To Shinnok’s dismay, Fujin stood in the middle of the gigantic room. Shinnok’s fierce warriors ran to Fujin but exploded once they entered. There was a shield encircling the entrance. Shinnok saw this as nothing but an annoyance, he created a portal and had his warriors jump through and enter the other side. Fujin stood motionless. Across the walls were dozens and dozens of archers, and with so many targets, they would kill many. The still fierce Oni and Gargoyles attacked yet again as Shinnok walked towards Fujin. Fujin commanded his archers to attack Shinnok but he had a strong aura around him that split the arrows in half as they approached him. Shinnok now had a big smirk on his face; he raised his hand and shot a Purple Blast as Fujin. Its speed was so fast no one could see it. Fujin’s body flew through the wall and into a corridor. Shinnok was walking toward the Elder Gods; the Hellbeasts were walking toward him. The Hellbeasts were thwarted off by Fujin, but one of them was lucky enough to grab him and throw him out of the palace. Three of the beasts jumped off to attack Fujin on the ground.

Shinnok was successful in killing most of the Gods, but did not risk his own death. He left the rest of this war to his forces. He did not see the need of killing all the Gods. He would just put them in enchanted chains, and locked up.

Back on Earth, Raiden, Shujinko and Kai were training a new generation of Shaolin monks and fighters at the Wushi Academy and The White Lotus society. While training, Raiden sensed Fujin's presence close and teleported Kai, Shujinko and himself to that location. It was during their absence that Quan Chi had unleashed Spectre Liu Kang on the Academy and Society completely destroying them.

Back at the crash site, Fujin continued battling the Hellbeasts but was saved by Raiden, Kai and Shujinko before they could finish him off. Fujin then informed Raiden of Shinnok's tyranny and that the Elder Gods can no longer protect the realms and that many of them were already killed.

Earthrealm Prepares.

The news shocked and troubled Raiden greatly as there was no longer anyone to enforce the rules of the Realms. The news of the complete destruction of the Wushi Academy and White Lotus troubled him even further. Raiden informed Sonya to send a warning to all countries and Military organizations through the Special Forces and to prepare the still recovering Earthrealm, for the onslaught.

Raiden in an act of desperation decided to travel to Outworld seeking assistance. He entrusted Fujin to lead the battle against Shinnok's minions while he was away. Raiden teleported to the Nexus to get into Outworld but was prevented in doing so by a fearsome foe.
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So I just read Arkanyd's story, which was pretty good and it helped spark of another idea that involves all the MK story lovers on here.
I was thinking of creating an all rounded better story for MK10, keeping the story I had written http://www.trmk.org/forums/showthread.php/22514-My-Mortal-Kombat-10-Story, as the base and changing /improving /adding ideas that you have. I myself have some areas in the story I would like to improve on. I guess we can use this thread for discussing any story related idea for MK10, determine its feasibility in the canon and make the necessary changes. All those interested, do post up your ideas. :)
So I just read Arkanyd's story, which was pretty good and it helped spark of another idea that involves all the MK story lovers on here.
I was thinking of creating an all rounded better story for MK10, keeping the story I had written http://www.trmk.org/forums/showthread.php/22514-My-Mortal-Kombat-10-Story, as the base and changing /improving /adding ideas that you have. I myself have some areas in the story I would like to improve on. I guess we can use this thread for discussing any story related idea for MK10, determine its feasibility in the canon and make the necessary changes. All those interested, do post up your ideas. :)

Should we post up our ideas in THIS thread or in the "My Mortal Kombat 10 Story" thread?
I think it's better to post and discuss the ideas in this thread and once the revised story is completely done, we can post it in the original thread or make a new one altogether.

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Sounds good.
I'm going to try to piece together another part of that story and work on that.
I'll contribute something to the story in the near future since I won't be writing anything myself for a while

Have to think of a story first though
Glad you liked it. :)
Sounds good.
I'm going to try to piece together another part of that story and work on that.

You could post the story you have written so far, so that we could start off a discussion/get feedback and when more minds are involved some of the issues may be solved more easily. :)

@Metal - Thanks, that would certainly help!
You could post the story you have written so far, so that we could start off a discussion/get feedback and when more minds are involved some of the issues may be solved more easily. :)

Sounds good.

Here's the story that I sent to FJ, everyone.
Remember, it's a work in progress. :)
Feedback would be great.
Hope you like it. ;)

A short story in the NetherRealm, after the fall of Shao Kahn.

Growing tired of Quan Chi’s failed conquest, slowly his 3 closest assassins had begun to lose faith in the sorcerer.
Even though Shinnok would be freed, they had serious doubts as to Quan Chi’s promise that Earth would be under his control.
Sareena knew about the portal that Quan Chi used to travel to EarthRealm, but considering that she would be out-numbered by Johnny Cage, Raiden and Sonya, she didn't use it.
After all, Quan Chi rules the NetherRealm, and a demon leaving the NetherRealm would be seen as a treacherous act.

The 3 assassins Kia, Jataaka and Sareena are sent by Quan Chi (along with Scorpion) to investigate various disturbances throughout the NetherRealm, shortly after the fall of Shao Kahn, and were ordered to “kill anyone who is a traitor to the NetherRealm.”
Each one of them was to guard a different area of the NetherRealm.
Scorpion investigated the North end.
Kia investigated the East end.
Jataaka investigated the South end.
Sareena was left to investigate the West end.

During her investigation of the West end of the NetherRealm, Sareena happened to notice a fallen warrior lying on the ground, unconscious.
Where he had come from or who he was remained a mystery to her.
He had cuts all over his body as if he had been in a sword fight against a multitude of people, and the garments he wore were torn to shreds.
He was alive but very badly injured.
Curious as to the identity of the fallen warrior, Sareena hid him in a cave, near the area that she was investigating.

Days went by with Kia Jataaka, Scorpion and Sareena reporting to Quan Chi, then continuing their guarded posts.
Sareena never reported the warrior that she found for fear that Quan Chi and the other NetherRealm assassins would turn against her, due to her treachery.
The warrior would gain consciousness from time to time, for a few moments, and then pass out again in pain.
After a couple of weeks, the warrior regained consciousness.
Sareena had checked in on him to see how he was doing, but in doing so had neglected to report to Quan Chi.
The injured warrior still didn't know how he had arrived at the NetherRealm or entirely what happened to him.
He thanked Sareena for her hospitality and began to explain:
“All that I remember was that I was in a green energy field, and it felt like I was physically being torn apart.”
“I no longer felt this evilness lingering inside of me.”
“ I blacked-out from the pain, and I’m surprised to have even survived.”

Quan Chi’s suspicion began to rise, and he wondered if Sareena had been killed, captured or just departed altogether which would be a betrayal on her part.
He sent Scorpion, Kia and Jataaka to find out the whereabouts of Sareena.
From the entrance of the cave, Sareena could see that Scorpion, Kia and Jataaka were looking for her.
They spotted Sareena with the strange warrior and began running towards her.
By helping this stranger, Scorpion saw her as a traitor and teleported right for her.

Just as Scorpion was about to slash her with one of his swords, the strange warrior used all of his might and pushed her out of his way, leaving Scorpion stuck in a block of ice.
Sareena was shocked that she had survived, and was quickly on her feet again.
Kia and Jataaka were in pursuit when they saw that Scorpion was momentarily incapacitated and that Sareena was escaping.
Sareena helped the injured warrior to his feet, and instructed him to head for the EarthRealm portal that Quan Chi had previously used.
As they went through the portal, it closed up behind them, which left Kia and Jataaka stuck in the NetherRealm.
Scorpion, Kia and jataaka reported to Quan chi what had just happened, and Quan Chi re-opened the portal for the 3 of them to pursue Sareena and bring her back alive, and to kill this mysterious warrior.

Sareena and the injured warrior had arrived to a small farming village.
They went walking through and one of the villagers faintly recognized him saying “Bi-Han?”
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