Our Greatest Achievements


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The majority of us have been playing MK since its release in 1992 (I was born that year and didn't play until I was three, but who cares). We've all tried very hard to make the best of each installment and achieve goals that would be remembered.

What are the greatest achievements you've made in your Kombat career?

1. Beating MK for the first time: I never really got good at MK until I was nine, but boy did it pay off. One night I busted out the old Genesis and played MK1. After much sweat and toil, I beat the game with Scorpion.

2. Unlocking Blaze in Deadly Alliance: Unlocking the fire elemental was a huge deal for me when Deadly Alliance came out. At the time, I wasn't very good at branch combos and would easily give up on Konquest mode, but eventually I tried harder and completed my Outworld quest. Seeing Blaze do a meditation kata while reading a congratulations message made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

3. Beating Ultimate Mortal Kombat: I got the game for my DS around Christmas and it being arcade perfect made it hard as a mofo! One night in early January I spent all night trying to beat Motaro and Shao Kahn. Once again, beaten with everyone's favorite spectre.

To me those are the achievements where I gave it my all. I bet you all have better ones so let's hear 'em!
Well, I'll stick to 3 as you did. Early ones are more memorable.
1. My first Fatality, Sub-Zero on the original arcade machine. It was prior to that the first Fatality I had seen and I ever so much wanted to do it. The local Video Shop was pretty quick for a country town to get the game and after seeing the guy do it I asked how. It took me until the third fight but FDF HP is etched in my head as one of my favourite gaming moments.

2. Beating Goro for the first time. I had seen so many try and fail, so to pull it off second attempt was pretty cool. Shame I went on to get owned by Shang Tsung.

3. Completing all of the MK's so far with all characters. This excludes however MKT 64 and MK Gold which I have never played. I still think I've done well to see all but a few endings.
I didn't play MK till i was three too! anyways:

1. My first MK Fatality, Mileena. I woke up in the morning when i was about 4 and went to go play by myself. i did Mileenas fatality by holding every button down for as long as i could and let it go and i did it! my bro and cuz didn't believe me when i told them but who cares.

2. Beating MK4. I say this because it was the first time i beat an MK game. Mainly because i always play multiplayer.

3. Buying MK:A. I love this game and never regretted it once.
I started when I was 4 so some of these are obviously 4-year-old's ideas of achievements.

1. Performing Sub-Zero's freeze for the first time. A camp counselor (where I played MK for the first few years) taught us how to use Scorpion's spear but I was the first one of us to use the FREEZE!

2. Performing Toasty for the first time. You know what? I still remember that fondly even if I was 4. It's an achievement I say!

3. Bringing home MKDA and ripping through the packaging. I'd been waiting for a good MK game ever since MK4 came out and man was I excited! Still love MKDA.

As for beating the games, I never felt like that was much of an accomplishment on my part. I always played on easy until I got MKDA (I seriously suck at MK3) and after that I only beat it for the endings, not the satisfaction.
1. Accidentally pulling off Sub-Zero's fatality in the Genesis version of MK1 - A bit of a testament to how imprecisely I was capable of playing when I was 9, I attempted to go in for a plain uppercut to finish 'em off and it happened. That was also the first fatality I ever pulled off in any game.

2. Beating MK1 in the arcade - It took me lot of time and a shitload of quarters, but it was still pretty nice to finally beat the real version of the game.

3. Beating the arcade version of MK2 without continuing - I've done it several times at this point, but to go from thinking that game was impossible to having more or less mastered exploiting the computer is... nice.

4. (That's right, I'm doing more than 3-- take that!) Getting on the MK2 machine's win streak list at my local arcade - If you ever visit a little mountain town called "Big Bear", go into the arcade and pull down on the MK2 machine's joystick. Yep, RKM, that's me.

5. Unlocking everything in Deadly Alliance and Deception - Not that big of a deal, really, but it took so god damn long that it just has to be on my list.
The fist 3 all have to do with MKII. This was the time back in he arcades when they used to put an extra monitor on top of the cabinet so that AL the peple standing behind could see he action.


1. Winning my first MKII tournament at a arcade calld Malibu Grand Prix, back in the months after I think RV2.1 came out. What an awesome feeling, in front of so many people. Which leads to my #2....

2. Winning that tournamet with a Double Flawless FATALITYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyy. Impressive.

3. Beating Kintaro, Jade & H.Smoke for the first times. All 3 seperate times, but the feeling of beating them for the first time was a good feeling, indeed.

4. Getting my UMK3 cabinet. I was and am so psyched that I actually have one of those big ass cabinets for MK IN MY HOUSE!
1. Getting to Goro by myself in MK1. I sucked. The only moves I knew were Sub zeros freeze, Scorpions spear, and Uppercuts and Roundhouse kicks. Yknow, Back + High kick. Yeah, then my brother came in and took over, and proceeded to lose to Goro.

2. Beating Shao Kahn with Raiden in only 2 tries.
I was surprised, very surprised. MK2 was one of the hardest games for me ever. Then, when I finally got to the big bad final boss, I took him down quickly. I felt like the biggest badass in town.