Other Adema Songs


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Adema is a very good band. But they have went through some changes over the years. They have went through 3 front men already. So you probably would not reconize some of the newer songs because its not the singer from the Immortal Song. I heard the original singer is coming back though.


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I remember they were around during the Nu-Metal craze of the early 2000's. I heard of them before Immortal was used in Mortal Kombat.


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I found them like most others through MK:DA but now I almost forget about that, I have basically all their original songs and Immortal is the one I seem to remember least. 'Promises', 'Trust' and 'Stressin' are three of my favorites of theirs. I'd also recommend, 'Co-dependant', 'Betray' and 'Everyone'.


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Blow it away is a good song by them. Yes, their first singer was the best one they had. Be interesting to see how they will be now that hes back. Last few cds weren't that great, though the last singer was ok. Black Clouds or something it was called was an ok song with him in it.