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Now that's the games been out a while and dissected every which way, I think its safe to say all secreta have been found.

What do you think? Overall I love this game but I think the secrets,hidden surprises were below average even poor.

Crypt, challenge tower reward and hidden fighters I thought were def below average

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I must agree with you. Challenge tower wasn't even difficult (I completed it in my first days of gameplay when I barely could do some 5hits kombos) and krypt extra content is pretty useless and boring (and even the koncept art is disordered). Actually MKD has a lot more secrets than this game and I love Deception because of that.

Also I think Arcade mode is pretty limited (It's sooo hard to put an Arcade + Test your Luck mode?) and in my case, online is ********, desyncs and lag everytime.

It's funny cause IMO (and doing a simple comparison) I feel this game was conceievd like an Arcade game with a bit of extra feautres. But in the other hand, BlazBlue, KOF, SF and all that Japanese fighting games were first released in Arcade and later in console having a lot of things to offer -to add more replay value to the game, unlockables, challenges, customization, etc- than this MK
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Hi, I'm new to the forum, so don't kill me. >_<

They must be adding Tanya as a DLC to the game! Or atleast hidden her as a secret unlockable/Kode unlocked character?

Why you ask? Because she is featured in Challenge 300 of the Challenge Tower. She changes places with Kitana being changed up.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXDqmxJwG3w - Video on the 300th Challenge. HD too. :)

Even Ed Boon mentioned something in two different places.

1st: http://www.mortalkombatunited.com/showthread.php?8891-Updated-info-by-Ed-Boon-(Tanya-4th-DLC)

2nd: http://www.mortalkombatonline.com/content/forum/showmessage.cds?id=140598

"There was a problem with the blackbirdpie shortcode" - Mean that the 1st part is not correct?
Well that doesn't prove anything because she was there even in the console version of the 300 challenge